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    This is my third site dealing with sexuality. The first, Christians and Solo Sex, has at times occasioned a lively correspondence. It is an awesome relief to many, especially men, when they realize that masturbation is not sinful, in fact it is a gift from God.

    My second site, Christians, Nudity and Erotica, examines the topics described in its title. I also have enjoyed some correspondence concerning what I have shared there. The responses have been varied, but for the most part very favorable.

    This site goes further than the other two. It is one thing to teach from the Word of God and simple common sense that masturbation is natural, normal, and God ordained. It is another thing to examine the issues around nudity, and erotica, and the difference between erotica and porn, and to look at the sexuality and eroticism of the Song of Solomon. But it is quite another thing altogether to do what I have felt led to do on this site - to not just examine the issue but to provide nudity and erotica for our mutual enjoyment.

    Established Wisdom

    I am well aware
    that my approach to
    nudity, erotica, and masturbation
    flies in the face
    of most established wisdom
    on these subjects.

    I am well aware that my approach flies in the face of most established wisdom on the subject. And I am especially aware that providing tasteful yet full nudity on this site is, for many Christians, pushing the limits. And if showing nudity is surprising, showing sexual images or erotica may be shocking, even scandalous.

    And show it I have. You have to click on a link to intentionally access it, but it is there. At the end of the Male section there are erect penises glistening with pre-cum, being stroked, and ejaculating. The Female section shows young women and older in the act of self-stimulation. And the Erotica section includes all aspects of lovemaking from kissing, to caressing, to manual and oral stimulation, and actual intercourse, and climax. It is all there, in full, glorious, God glorifying detail.

    I Would Like Your Feedback

    I know that mine is a non-traditional approach to nudity and erotida, sharing new ideas and formulating a fresh Biblical theology. Agree, disagree . . . I would like your feedback. I would like to know that you think of the ideas presented on this site. Do you think that my theology is sound? Do the ideas make sense? Are they of any benefit to you?

    The Issue of the Images

    What is your opinion concerning the images? Some believe that any images at all “cheapen” the site. But omit the images and there is no need for this site at all. All the theology is already covered on the Christians, Nudity and Erotica site.

    What Do You Think.

    What do you think? Have I gone too far in what I have shown? Should I have stopped at the simple nudity? Is the link to pages showing solo sex activity at the end of the Male and Female sections inappropriate? Is solo activity ok but the links to spousal sexuality of the Erotica section too much? Or is everything wonderful just as it is?

    I am open to suggestions, comments, criticism, and certainly encouragement. And I thank God for those who have already written, helped me in my thinking and assisted me in making decisions concerning this site. But the more input the better. I am also grateful when anyone gives editing input or advice on misspelled or missing words, or awkward sentence structure. With almost 200 pages on this site something is sure to escape my notice.

    If you know of any sites it would be good to add to the Links section I would be especially grateful for that information.

    And now for one final and very naughty suggestion. If by any chance you have not only enjoyed the images but found them stimulating enough to assist in any moments of personal pleasuring, it would be nice to know. What did you find most stimulating? Which image was lovely enough to bring you to full satisfaction?

    Of course, all correspondence will be kept in strict confidence.

    When You Masturbate.


    If you would prefer
    to enjoy the content of this site
    in a shorter version without the nudity and erotica,
    I invite you to visit the text edition at

    Christians, Nudity and Erotica

    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.