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    Solomons Wives and Concubines.

    King Solomon - the wisest, the most powerful, and the richest man who ever lived, was given over to the passionate pursuit of all things pleasurable in the hopes of finding satisfaction. With his absolute power, and unlimited wealth no good thing was withheld from him. He has power, prestige, and all the pleasures a man could desire. His home was a palace, his gardens were supreme, his food was exquisite, and when it came to sex, with 700 wives and 300 concubines, nothing was withheld or denied.

    “. . . and the pleasures of men – many concubines.” Ecclesiastes 2:8

    Concubines were well trained in the sensual arts. Solomon had no need for images of nudity and/or erotica with which to delight his heart and pleasure his flesh. He had women of every ethnicity and color, young and more mature, slim or of more full figure.

    • Frequency: If he wanted sex once a day, he got it. If he was able to enjoy it four times, it was his to enjoy.
    • Immediacy: If he wanted sex at 3am, or at 9am, or 2 in the afternoon, or lovemaking at bedtime it was his at the snap of a finger.
    • Variety: If he wanted it young it was his to enjoy. Older and more experienced, great. A virgin, no problem.
    • More Variety. What were the possibilities? What sexual positions might he enjoy? Modern erotica, even porn, have nothing with which to compare to what he had available. Did he want to take her from behind and fondle her breasts while thrusting into her vagina? Did he want a long slow hand-job given by a beautiful thirty year old with stunning face and firm breasts while he lay back and enjoyed the view? Did he want oral sex? Anal? Sex in unusual positions. No problem. Nothing and I do mean nothing was off limits. No one refused the most powerful and prosperous king in all of human history.

    Solomon’s was a life of continual hedonistic pleasures. Imagine, all of your fantasies fulfilled. No holds barred, no acts forbidden, no urge left unsatisfied, no moments of delay or denial.

    A dream come true? One would think so.

    But not really. Solomon discovered that you could have it all, enjoy it all, experience it all, experiment with it all, and still be left empty and dry and discouraged.


    The only thing that will
    ever heal the ache
    in our heart and
    fill the inner void
    is the beauty of His Person
    and the pleasure
    of His Presence.

    The simple truth is that no matter how much given to pleasure we may be, no matter what fantasy we may have fulfilled either in real life like Solomon, or in our imagination as we watch erotica and masturbate, none of these things provide the ultimate beauty, pleasure, and satisfaction our heart desires. The only thing that will ever heal the ache in our heart and fill the inner void is the beauty of His Person and the pleasure of His Presence. No earthy pleasure, no matter how available or how extreme, can compare with fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Spending time with Him in the place of prayer; feasting on His Word in Sacred Scripture; worshipping with others in the House of God. Herein are delights of the heart far beyond anything promised in the bedroom.

    Yes, enjoy making love with your wife. And yes, when she is not available enjoy nudity and erotica and stroking yourself to orgasm, as often as your heart desires. There is great pleasure and delight in doing so. But never forget or neglect the ultimate source of true passion and pleasure and heart satisfaction. It can only be found in our relationship with Almighty God through the Lord Jesus Christ.

    If you are looking for soul satisfaction through the pursuit of hedonistic pleasures, it just will not happen. You can try anything and everything your heart desires. You can enjoy more, and more variety, and different kinds of everything imaginable. In the end it will be futile, and frustrating. The pursuit will end in failure. We are to enjoy our sex life, both spousal and solo. But let’s not expect our sex life to give us what can only come directly from God.

    For who can eat and who can have enjoyment without Him?

    For to a person who is good in His sight He has given wisdom and knowledge and joy, while to the sinner He has given the task of gathering and collecting so that he may give to one who is good in God’s sight. This too is vanity and striving after wind. Ecclesiastes 2:25 - 26 NASB



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Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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