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    Know Your Limits.

    When it comes to using nudity and erotica as an aid to masturbation, it is good to “Know Your Limit and Play Within It”. Know with what you are comfortable and what you believe to be right and proper for you in the eyes of God, and do not go beyond that. Violating our ethics is emotionally expensive and damaging to our walk with God. The Bible says that “whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.” Romans 14:23 Masturbation is a gift from God and a provision for pleasure and release. But if you do it without faith, you are doing a right thing the wrong way.

    Some of us have what we believe to be great liberty regarding solo sex. We don’t just do it when we feel to horny not to. We actually have dates with ourselves. For some it is several times a week, for others it is almost daily. We set aside the time. If we have toys we get them ready. We settle into a comfortable place, probably our bed.

    Browsing Erotica.

    Visual Stimulus

    And to be honest many of us have our computer at hand. We are either going to have a good browse on the net, or we are going to access something we have already downloaded. This final step is the one in which we need to use wisdom. We need to know ourselves, with what we truly most comfortable, and act accordingly.

    1. Truly Flying Solo

    For some, the idea of using actual images or video as a stimulus to self-pleasure is a horrible thought. They do quite nicely, thank you, just touching their body and feeling the increasing pleasure rising in their cock and balls. They don’t even need or allow themselves to imagine sexual scenarios. All they need is what they are feeling.

    The persons in this first group are probably are not frequent masturbators. For them it is not a high priority. Or else it is just as important to them as it is to the rest of us, they enjoy it just as much, but the long anticipatory buildup is all a pleasurable part of the experience. They feel their sexual tension building day after day. It enlivens their every moment and when they finally pleasure themselves both the masturbation and the climax are intense, and most satisfying.

    2. Imagination Nation

    A second group also may not be as frequent strokers as the rest of us, but they freely allow themselves to imagine the breast and butt and bush of a lovely naked woman, or the pleasures of an imagined erotic scenario. The sight of her in their imagination, or the fantasy of making love to her increases their excitement and adds to their pleasure while masturbating, making the experience easier and more enjoyable. But imagination is as far as they feel free to go.

    3. Underwear Alley and Swimsuit Gallery

    Those at a third level allow themselves the liberty of using things like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, or the underwear and lingerie ads in a Victoria Secret Catalogue or some other such thing. They are like some of us were in our youth. We enjoyed the Sears catalogue in a way that our innocent parents least expected. Oh how I looked forward to the special Christmas catalogue with lingerie gift suggestions for horny husbands to give to their lovely wives, and then the summer edition with all the models in flimsy underwear and skimpy swimsuits.

    4. Simple Nudity

    A fourth group is at the Playboy stage. Today it is probably not Playboy they are enjoying but any number of sites displaying simple nudity. There they are, lovely young women totally nude. They are not intentionally looking sexy but just the sight of their beautiful exposed bodies, their firm young breasts and round behinds, is all that is needed to put lead in ones pencil and provide the stimulus for a wonderful release.

    5. Erotic Nudity

    A fifth group also enjoys simple nudity, but simple nudity done in a more erotic fashion. The poses are more provocative, more intentionally given to arousal. Rather than pretty young women photographed in neutral poses in natural settings they will be on a bed, legs at least slightly or even more apart and inviting, and breasts begging to be fondled. Perhaps she is lying on her stomach with bum slightly raised in a way that reveals her pussy and allows you to imagine sliding into her from behind. She may even be touching herself in a way that makes you wish it was your hand and not hers.

    6. Erotic Nudity With Self-Stimulation

    A sixth group of men don’t just enjoying these erotic nudes. They are entertained by images of women actually pleasuring themselves. With fingers and sexual toys they explore their bodies and sometimes they let you watch as they masturbate, while you do the same.

    7. Simulated Sex

    This seventh group takes things to a whole new level and features the many photos and mainstream films showing simulated sexual activity. I remember seeing the 1984 movie Bolero in which the character played by Bo Derek finally lost her virginity. It was, in no uncertain terms, an explosive moment, more so in the 90s when I was able to rent it on video. A few years later in 2001 it was Angelina Jolie erotically entwined with Antonio Banderas in Original Sin. Oh that was so sexy! Today it might be the lovely and very nude Anne Hathaway making passionate love in the 2010 romantic comedy Love < Other Drugs. Dear Lord she was beautiful! And there is any number of other such pieces. We know the sex is not real. There is no penetration and the orgasms are faked. But it can still be marvelous to behold, and very stimulating. Great aids to personal erotic moments.

    8. Real Sex ~ Discrete

    And eighth group enjoy pictures and films that show actual people having real sex. In the mildest form of this genre we know they are having sex, real intercourse is happening, but it is done discretely. There are no close ups of penetration.

    9. Real Sex ~ Penetration

    A ninth group enjoys onscreen lovemaking that shows penetration but does not show ejaculation. On some late night or specialty TV channels there is a lot to see in this category. It is either very beautiful, or for those who want more, very frustrating.

    10. Real Sex ~ Ejaculation

    And the tenth group feels the liberty to use more explicit films showing all kinds of lovemaking including beautifully shot penetration, sex that finishes when we see the man withdraw and ejaculate, or with evidence of the man’s climax. This category also includes hand-jobs to completion, oral sex with orgasm, and any number of interesting and innocent fetishes.

    Different Strokes for Different Folks

    It probably goes without saying that each of these levels I describe can also be seen as stages through which many a man has gone. We start in our adolescence by enjoying underwear models and end up somewhere on the sliding scale that goes from there to erotica in the real sex category.

    at the level
    to which He leads
    will bring His Lordship
    into our solo sex life.

    No matter what you have used in the past it is wise to let the Lord show you at which level it is most appropriate for you to regularly play. It will be somewhere between level one and level ten. I do not have a vivid imagination; I need all the visual stimulus I can find, at the level to which the Lord has led me, and I make liberal use of my Fleshlights and Tenga Eggs. Somedays all I need to see is a pretty lady in panties. Other days a beautiful naked young woman moves me to praise God for such stunning beauty and enables me to most joyously stimulate and stroke myself to orgasm.

    He knows what is best for each of us. He knows what will give us the fullest pleasure and most complete satisfaction when enjoying his gift of masturbation. Playing at the level to which He leads will bring His Lordship into our solo sex life. I encourage you to “Know Your Limit, Play Within It.”


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    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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