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  • Matriarchal Dictates in the Battle of the Sexes

    If the feminists are to be believed most of us live in a society where economics, business, government, politics, church and any number of social institutions are dominated by men. In other words we live in a patriarchal society. Well, that may very well be true in many areas of life. But in the battle of the sexes it is a woman’s game. The way a woman thinks tends to dictate how a man acts. And the dictates are many.

    Man Looking at Women.

    We are not supposed to look at other women. So we act like we never do. But every man enjoys looking at any pretty woman who crosses our path. If married or dating we are to have eyes for only her, and when she is around that is how we act.

    We are not to masturbate. All of our sexual energy and pleasure is to be focussed on her. And this is a good, even godly ideal, except when the “her” on which we focus fails to realize the importance of frequent sexual stimulation, pleasure and release. Sweetheart, if you want me to keep it focussed, I want you to make it frequent.

    Theology of Sex

    I am sure it was not always this way, but matriarchal thinking in the church has dominated our theology of sex. But while our wives may forbid the enjoyment of nudity and/or erotica, the Bible does not. And it certainly does not forbid the full, free, and even frequent if necessary pleasures of masturbation. It is important to consider the feelings and sensitivities of our wives, but it is best not to be ruled by ideas and prejudices not found in the Word of God.

    Use Some Common Sense Guys

    But that being said, it is also true that a man with simple common sense will enjoy his freedoms while using wisdom. If you feel it best to at least try to be open, you could find a way to approach these subjects, but do so with the same caution as you would in finding your way through a mine field. Perhaps mention something minor, and judge your next step by the present reaction. You may soon discover that openness is one thing, but it is unwise and even foolish to embrace an ideal of total transparency in all things at all times. Rare is the woman who can emotionally handle everything that goes on in a man’s mind and spirit.


    Shame on You.

    If your wife would be shocked to know you enjoy nudes on the internet, it might be good to be discrete. If she would consider your occasional glances at other woman insulting and scandalous, do not do it when she is around. Besides, being obvious about it when you are with her is just plain rude and insulting. And if your wife thinks masturbation is tantamount to mental adultery, it would be best to keep your solo sex life a secret. After all, looking discretely and jerking off privately is what men have been doing through most of modern history. No point in ruining a good thing now.



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