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    One of the issues that prevent some from the simple enjoyment of erotica, especially as an aid to masturbation, is the fact that most of the people simulating or actually showing sexual activity are not married to each other. Therefore what we are viewing is sinful. If it is not sinful because of the level of explicitness, it is because the persons engaging in the sensual or sexual activity are not married to each other. We are looking at acts of fornication or adultery.

    I understand this hesitation as I have experienced it myself. However, I have come to a perspective that has helped me in the matter.

    Big and Small Screen Sinful Relationships

    Penny and Leonard.
Big Band Theory.

    For one thing, so many of the relationships we watch and enjoy on TV and in the movies are sinful in one way or another. Mike and Molly lived together and shared the same bed before marriage. Penny and Leonard had/have an intimate relationship, and some of us thought they were/are sweet together. The rather wired Whitney and the calmer Alex are a common-law couple. We follow their stories, watch them kiss, hold hands, and climb into bed together. We are being entertained by the ungodly all the time. And we often see the beginning of their sexual activities. What we usually do not see is their disrobing, more intimate foreplay, and the actual acts of coitus (to use Sheldon’s word from the Big Bang Theory.) At one time this reality so concerned me that I even stopped watching TV for a year simply because I became very aware of the sinfulness of all these relationships. But I have relaxed a bit more these days – obviously.

    Whitney and Alex.
TV show Whitney.

    So, in reality, it is all a matter of degree. Whether in regular viewing on either the big or the small screen, we are regularly being entertained by fornicators and adulterers, immoral and amoral onscreen people who either have no clue they are violating the edicts of a holy God, or who simply do not care, or do not believe such a God exists. This is not new. It has been this way from time immoral, from all the great writers from before Shakespeare until now. And so, unless we are among those Christians who have decided to eliminate all entertainment media from our lives, we are continually exposed to these sinful situations. And yes, sadly, entertainment media can cause us to become as impervious to the immorality being shown as is the rest of society.

    Onscreen Sexuality

    So the issue is not what is being show, but the degree. We are continually being entertained by depictions of sinful people in immoral relationships, but we must come to an ethical, ideological, and theological conclusion as to how much more than is shown in regular entertainment we are going to enjoy. And if we tolerate or even enjoy nudity and erotica, will we let ourselves be stimulated by on screen sinful sexuality during our private times of pleasure?

    Sex is a holy activity
    designed by God for
    the mutual enjoyment
    of husband and wife
    in the life long bonds
    of holy matrimony.

    For me the answer, at least at this time, is a simple yes. And here is my reasoning. Sex is a holy activity designed by God for the mutual enjoyment of husband and wife in the life long bonds of holy matrimony. All inter-personal sexual activity outside this covenant relationship is sinful. But let me clarify. The sex itself is not sinful. I repeat the sex itself is not sinful. Sex between a man and a woman is a holy act that pleases and pleasures both as is God’s intent. He meant it to be enjoyed to the full and as frequently as both would want. What is sinful is that this couple is engaging in a holy act illegitimately. They are enjoying the holy mystery of coitus in a way condemned by God. This does not make the physical act wrong; it makes their participation in that act wrong.

    In the Old Testament only the priests were permitted to offer sacrifices of doves and sheep and goats on the divine altar. When Saul did so he was condemned by Samuel simply because he entered into a holy mystery unauthorized by God. This did not make the sacrifice sinful, only Saul’s making the sacrifice was wrong. And Saul paid the price for his sinful presumption.

    When a couple engages in sexual activity on screen and for our erotic enjoyment the nudity and the sex itself is not the problem. Sex is a holy activity, but engaging in that holy activity not authorized by the lifelong blood covenant of marriage is both sinful and dangerous.

    Again, I already choose to be entertained by illegitimacy. It is all a matter of degree.



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    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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