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    No Porn.

    I confess that I simply love to see nudity. I also enjoy the sensuality and beautiful sexuality of erotica. But I am definitely not a fan of porn! In fact, I find the stuff uninspiring, un-stimulating, and unfulfilling. I hate it and how it depicts women and defiles men. But I also acknowledge that I just may define it differently than some of my readers, a number of whom my look at some of what is written on these pages and immediately declare that they contain “porn.” Porn makes sex out to be just an animal act, devoid of dignity and mutual pleasuring, and sadly lacking the wonderful things God has associated with sexuality. That is why I hate porn.

    Nudity is Not Porn

    Nudity is not porn.

    But the nudity I enjoy is not porn. The human body is not a horrible, shameful thing. Both clothed and naked, it is beautiful to behold. Breasts are beautiful to behold! Bums are beautiful to behold! Nudity stimulates the senses, even our sexual senses. It may cause an erection. And that erection may lead to masturbation and orgasm. But nudity, even when it results in self stimulation and an orgasm, is not porn.

    Erotica is not Porn

    Erotica depicts
    the sacred splendor
    of sexual activity
    between a man and a woman,
    and it can do so
    in a way that is redemptive
    and glorifying to God.

    And neither is erotica pornography no matter how much some writers would like to simplistically lump it all together. Porn can rightly be described using the degrading “F” word, or as someone “screwing” someone. Erotica depicts the sacred splendor of sexual activity between a man and a woman, and it can do so in a way that is redemptive and glorifying to God who gave us the gift of sex and designed our bodies to engage in and enjoy it.

    It is not sad that so many Christian men have looked at nudity, even erotica, and have enjoyed what they saw. It is sad that they looked, enjoyed, and have then been condemned or condemned themselves for looking at “porn” when they would find real porn to be neither enjoyable to view or stimulating to look at. Simply Erotica. Their hearts are pure toward both God and women, and degradation of the fair sex holds no fascination for them at all. What they have enjoyed is not porn, it is simply erotica, and that of a kind comparable with that found in the Word of God itself.

    So, just what would motivate me, a Born Again Spirit-filled ordained minister of the gospel to put a stamp of approval on stimulating nudity, or on any depiction of sexual activity be it in print, paint, sketch, photography, or film? I am advocating some rather startling things. As you read on I will explain, and do so in explicit and hopefully arousing detail. I will make my case from logic, experience, and most importantly from God’s Holy Word. The Word of God tells us that “the truth will set us free”! I believe it is time we enjoyed some godly freedom in these matters.

    George Bernard Shaw.
All great truths
begin as blasphemies.

    And yes, I realize that what I a proposing is very much "out of the box" and counter to the conventional wisdom held by most Christians. But even more than trying to convince you of my ideas, my hope is to provoke discussion and fresh thinking. I think it is time the issue of Christians, Nudity and Erotica be reexamined in the light of God's Holy Word, and with the leading of the Holy Spirit. If we do so we just might be surprised at what God has to say.



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    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.