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    Joys of Cunnilingus.

    A penis pounding away at a pussy is not always the best way to satisfy a woman but a tongue licking a clitoris always works wonders. Simply put, it is so much easier to being your wife to orgasm if you take the time to gently and lovingly stimulate her orally. Remember, a clitoris has twice the number of pleasure producing nerve endings as your entire cock. If you master the skill of cunnilingus, the rewards will be wonderful, for both of you, and especially for her.

    It is good to begin with a bath to both relax the body and refresh the area. Once lovemaking begins, don’t rush to get there. Enjoy the journey to the gates of paradise. Kiss and caress your way all the way down and let your fingers gently explore her complete terrain. Don’t stop immediately and interrupt the flow but perhaps give it an anticipatory lick or two as you move on down. Come back up and enjoy her inner thighs. Let her desire rise as you run your tongue over her outer lips, insert it into her vagina, and kiss your way up to her clitoris. She may want direct attention to the bud of her pleasure sooner, but delay your arrival. And when you do begin to orally play with her center of pleasure, let your hands roam freely.

    Ladies Cum First

    Your wife will let you know by her response, and hopefully with her words, if you are doing it effectively. One woman said cunnilingus is like eating an ice cream cone. Apply just enough pressure with your tongue to enjoy the ice cream, but not enough to knock it off the cone.

    Your wife may enjoy more pressure than motion. She may want a long slow lick with a bit of sucking on her clit. And as she is approaching orgasm she may want you to shift gears, put your face right into it, and lick fast for all you are worth. And she may appreciate a finger inserted and stimulating her G-spot while you are performing cunnilingus.

    Once she has had one orgasm it is good to pause for a moment until the intensity diminishes a bit, and then mount her with your hard cock, or stimulate her more orally. And it can be a delight to both to alternate between intercourse and oral sex, perhaps giving her a third or fourth orgasm orally after several vaginally. And remember, when it comes to cumming, it is always ladies first.

    My beloved is mine, and I am his; he pastures his flock among the lilies.
    Until the cool of the day when the shadows flee away, turn, my beloved,
    and be like a gazelle or a young stag on the mountains of Bether. Song 2:16 – 17 NASB


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