• The Joys of Making Love ~ Intercourse

    The Joys of Making Love ~ Intercourse.

    No matter how adventuresome you and your wife become with manual and oral stimulation, it is only wise to make those alternatives to the main course on the menu. The “specialty of the house” is and should always be intercourse and that in any position you find mutually enjoyable. It need not be the familiar missionary all the time. There are benefits to each position.

    With the man on top he has great control of his thrusting and can enjoy the view. With the wife on top her breasts are full and free to play, kiss, and suckle as she maintains more control of the motion down below. And in either of those positions there is the sweet joy of seeing the beauty of arousal as it registers on her face. This is a very intimate position. It also enables passionate deep kissing; kissing at the moment of orgasm has its own sweet joy.

    With her face down a man who enjoys the beauty of the bum can ride on home and even enjoy the pressure of her bum cheeks against his stomach. Side by side from behind allows him to cup her beasts while neither has to exert as much energy. And the list goes on and on.

    When I make love to my wife I always feel like my penis is “home” in a way like no other. This is where he experiences a kind of contentment that is both peaceful and pleasurably enveloping. I am so glad that God made mating so much fun.


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