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    I can place my hand on my erection and produce pleasure, stroke it and produce more. But when my wife places her hand on my hard cock, the pleasure is magnified many times over.

    During lovemaking husband and wife can caress each other from head to toe. Masturbation is the the manual stimulation of our own or another person’s genitals for sexual pleasure. It can be done as a prelude to intercourse, or it can be done to completion. Either way the gentle caress of his wife’s hand on the man’s cock and the husband’s hand on the woman’s pussy can bring great delight.

    Intercourse may be the preferred sexual completion of a time of lovemaking. But there can be a moment of special delight, at least for a man, when he lies back on a bed and his beloved takes hard cock in hand and strokes him to climax. Joys of Manual Stimulation. For many men this is a special treat, and also handy when the wife just does not feel like having intercourse, but is glad to pleasure her husband manually for a few moments.

    Shame Free, and Highly Erotic

    Given the extreme and ungodly taboo on solo masturbation, and seeing as it is one of our most private acts, it can be a highly erotic and very liberating to masturbate to completion with each other and watching each other. Lay back, stroke your cock, watch her stimulate her pussy, and with full disclosure watch each other, feeding your excitement off your wife’s excitement and the naughtiness of the whole experience. Having been told all your life that this is "bad", it can be oh so very good to do it together.


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