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  • The Joys of Mutual Oral Stimulation ~ 69

    Man on top, woman on top, side by side or in any number of more gymnastic positions mutual oral stimulation is a joy and a delight. Your tongue is stimulating her pussy, your cock is in her mouth, and it becomes a rising crescendo of passion as each feeds (no pun intended) off each other’s responses and both husband and wife are stirred by their own exquisite pleasure to be more intense in pleasuring the other. This is intimacy both deep and delightful.

    Sometimes this symphony of sublime sensations can be played out till completion. But other times the pleasure becomes so intense, especially for the wife, that she can no longer divide her attention between receiving pleasure and giving pleasure to you. When that is the case it is good to switch around and focus on her and her alone. But there is no need for concern. Your time will come, in more ways than one.

    Totally Legitimate

    I am not unaware that there are those who strongly protest the legitimacy of oral stimulation in marriage. They suggest that mouths and tongues were made for eating and tasting, and are inappropriate for sexual play. But once you have experienced the joys of giving and receiving oral pleasure, especially when it is mutual, you immediately understand the fallacy of their arguments. The mouth and tongue are very well suited to providing exquisite sexual pleasure to one’s spouse.



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