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  • The Joys of Orgasm ~ Climax and Ecstasy

    The Joys of Orgasm ~ Climax and Ecstasy.

    No matter how you get there the conclusion of sexual play is spectacular. I enjoy the journey; I love the destination.

    Pleasure mounts. Passion intensifies. Muscles rhythmically contract. Semen flows, spurts, explodes – however you want to describe it. God could have done it any other way. He chose intense pleasure.

    It is wonderful to conclude a cession of private stroking with an orgasm that pleases the body and satisfies the soul. But nothing compares to the pleasure when your orgasm is a shared experience with the love of your life. This satisfies body, soul, and spirit in a way like no other.

    Ways and Means

    Just as there are a number of ways to achieve orgasm alone, there are also several ways a husband and wife can pleasure each other to climax. While intercourse is the primary path to bliss in the matrimonial bed, we can also bring sensation and satisfaction orally, manually, and some experiment anally. And even with making love through intercourse the positions possible are only limited to the imagination of the loving couple.

    The Bible contains vivid descriptions of oral, manual, and vaginal sex. While I am sure there are those who object to the practice the Bible makes neither positive nor negative mention of anal. It is silent so I will be as well. However, in sharing the visual beauty of love expressed and orgasm enjoyed, I will restrict myself to that contained in the Word of God.



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