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    Joys of the Caress.

    I have often wondered about the psychology and physiology of touch. Why does my beloved’s hand on my face, my chest, my back and bum, and especially my cock and balls go from a touch if I am doing it, to a caress when it is her hand on my body? She touches me and I am made alive in ways I cannot explain. It brings profound comfort and sometimes exquisite pleasure. And my body responds with ever increasing excitement and arousal. It becomes ready for the moment when we two become one.

    I do not know why it happens the way it does, I am just glad it does. Perhaps it is so that we will always prefer making love to masturbation. We engage in solo sex when sex with our spouse is not available, but thank God for those times when we can pleasure each other from head to toe, and especially those sensitive parts in between.

    Not every caress is meant to be foreplay, but almost every caress can become a prelude to the pleasures of the marriage bed.

    When Isaac had been there a long time,
    Abimelek king of the Philistines looked down from a window
    and saw Isaac caressing his wife Rebekah. Genesis 26:8 NIV


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