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    Joys of the Kiss.

    A couple can have sex and there be little or no real intimacy. Those tragically involved in the play for pay world of prostitution will let you use their body for your pleasure, but they usually will not kiss. Kissing involves intimacy.

    The sublime joys of the wedding night, when the bride and groom cast aside their pre-marital restraint, open wide the floodgates of passion and engage in the holiness of the ultimate act of intimacy, begins not with a caress, or a touch, or fondling. It begins with a kiss. That kiss is shared within seconds of entering the sacred state of matrimony. “You may kiss your bride.”

    Here is where the lovemaking begins and it continues in the privacy of the bridal suite where more and more intimacies are exchanged, and if both are blessed the kissing continues even to the most sensitive parts, as their expressions of passionate love prepare for their ultimate union. Lovers greet and bid goodbye with a kiss. A kiss in passing between husband and wife brings joy to the day, and anticipation for the night. Kissing can be light and joyous, or deep and desperate with passion. Ah, the sweet joy of a kiss.

    May he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth!
    For your [expression of] love is better than wine.
    Song of Solomon 1:2 NASB


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