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    So now you have come to the end of the Erotica section of this website. Perhaps the men arrived here having first visited the Female section where you saw feminine beauty in its entire stimulating splendor. Maybe the women visited the Male section. If you have visited each page in this section you have enjoyed the view of even more womanly attributes as well as passionate kissing, naked fondling, oral and manual stimulation, manual stimulation to orgasm, and explicit lovemaking. As you have read the text hopefully your thinking has been challenged. Or perhaps beliefs you already held dear have been confirmed. Along the way I am sure you not only enjoyed the view and but you may have discovered in new ways the things that work, that most stimulate your sexuality. But as important and helpful as that is, there are other more important things to consider. Having seen the beauty, experienced the arousal, and maybe even stimulated your body to orgasm one question remains. With what level of exposure to nudity and erotica did you find yourself most comfortable?

    Works Without Faith

    Works without faith
    are not just dead
    - they are dangerous
    to our walk with God.

    The Bible says that faith without works is dead. This means your faith must be coupled with obedience and action or else it has no validity. This also works in reverse. Works without faith are not just dead - they are dangerous to our walk with God. The Bible says that “whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.” Romans 14:23 So the questions must be asked.

    • Can you use the nudity and erotica that best “worked” for you, and do so with faith that this is right, pleasing in the eyes of God, part of His perfect will for your life?
    • Did you find the Holy Spirit confirming to your heart that my arguments in favor of nudity and erotica were true?
    • Or were their some points at which you felt I had gone a step or two (or more!) beyond your spiritual and ethical comfort zone?
    • Was there a point at which you felt a check in your spirit and hazard signs were posted around an area?

    If at any point you experienced a check in your spirit, I would admonish you to not violate your inner reservations. Listen to the hesitation in your heart. I have merely exposed as full a range of nudity and erotica as I feel before God and within the confines of His Word are possibly permitted, even blessed. That does not mean it is right for you to access and make use of it all. You need to hear from God and be assured within your heart about what is appropriate to your sexual life, and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit.

    I can with full confidence assure you that God will not deprive you of a fully functioning solo sex life. He will give you joyous pleasure and full and complete release and satisfaction at the level of stimulation He indicates is best for you.

    What Dangers Could You Face?

    Lust is desire
    whose fulfillment demands
    illegitimacy and sin.
    It craves the forbidden.

    I have studied these topics extensively and as sensitively as I know how I have shared what I have discovered in the Word of God and the writings of others. Because I am a man called to explore the full frontier of nudity and erotic stimulus I have been able to freely and fully enjoy everything I have presented on these pages. But you may not be able to do so in a way that is safe for you spiritually. It may be that there are some areas of fantasy that would overtake you and demand a physical expression. Lust. If seeing a couple make love plants within your heart a strong desire to find someone to whom you are not married and commit fornication, or to be unfaithful to your wife and commit adultery, then steer clear! If you cannot handle it, avoid it at all costs. For some these scenes are simply beautiful and arousing. For others, they open them to defilement and inflict upon them a spirit of lust. Lust is not simply desire. It is not even strong desire resulting in masturbation. Lust is desire whose fulfillment demands illegitimacy and sin. It craves the forbidden. And the end of lust, when it has fully conceived, is death. James 1:15 (NASB) This can mean death to your relationship with God, death to your marriage, death to your ministry, death to your reputation.

    My own limits have been clearly set, not in what works, but in what is right. Seeing scenes of group sex or lesbian activity between two beautiful women might “work” for me. I may get very aroused. But I consider the former to be wrong and the Bible clearly condemns the latter. So, even if they would work for me I would definitely refrain. I cannot enjoy them in faith.

    Ungodly Curiosity, Unholy Compulsion

    Watching Erotica.

    Some may find themselves stimulated by same sex activities between two men. Again, since the Bible forbids such actions, the fact that it works for you is of no consequence. It is imperative that you stay clear. This is true even if it is just a curiosity. Don’t fall for the flesh’s reasoning and the devil’s trap by thinking that you need to more fully know about these things to be a well informed individual in the 21st century. There are some things about which we just do not need to know. In fact, the Word of God says “Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness . . . for it is disgraceful even to speak of the things which are done by them in secret.” Ephesians 5:11 If it is a shame to speak of them, I am sure it is even more of a shame to see them!

    Smouldering Wick.

    And there just might be a spark of same sex attraction dormant within your spirit. That smoldering wick is best extinguished. You certainly do not need to expose yourself to any images that would fan it into full flame. So if you come across same-sex images and find yourself being aroused do not stroke your erection, and do not have an orgasm. Whatever we see when we climax gets imprinted on our sexuality and affects our future functioning. If it is “gay”, stay away. You do not want to turn a curiosity into a compulsion.

    Jesus Christ is Lord

    In our sex saturated society it is easy to violate our conscience and justify doing so. But we must remember that sex is not king. Jesus Christ is Lord. With confidence that He knows best we can surrender our entire being to Him, including our sexuality. That is a commitment we will never regret. As we have travelled together we have examined God’s Word. We have discovered that so much more than we ever thought possible is available to enrich our lives and our sexual experience. While we freely enjoy our glorious liberty let us accept with grace those few restriction that do apply, and listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit when He says, “Thus far, and no further.”

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Feedback welcomed and appreciated.