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  • Is Porn the Poor Man’s Polygamy?

    Is porn really the poor man’s polygamy? Rather than have sex with any number of wives, he goes to the internet and calls up graphic images by which he can stimulate and satisfy his sexual urges. The simple answer is “no”, Porn is not the poor man’s polygamy, or the modern man’s polygamy, but nudity and erotica very well may be. Porn depicts sexuality as a mere animal act; Sister Wives. nudity simply reveals the glory of the human form and erotica shows sexuality as a thing of beauty.

    Say polygamy these days and one thinks of TV’s reality series “Sister Wives” or the fictional “Big Love”, or sadly the notorious Warren Jeffs, the president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS). Now, before you faint away in utter horror at the prospect of modern day polygamy, it might be good to point out that it is not just a belief and practice of some break-away Mormon groups, some of which are abusive. Not only were many men in the Old Testament polygamists, God declares that He himself was one as well!

    Ezekiel 23:1-4 (NASB) “The word of the Lord came to me again, saying, “Son of man, there were two women, the daughters of one mother; and they played the harlot in Egypt. They played the harlot in their youth; there their breasts were pressed and there their virgin bosom was handled. Their names were Oholah the elder and Oholibah her sister. And they became Mine, and they bore sons and daughters. And as for their names, Samaria is Oholah and Jerusalem is Oholibah.”

    God would not declare Himself to be something He regarded as sinful.

    Polygamous Patriarchs of Old

    Almost all of our
    Old Testament Heroes of the Faith,
    from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
    to Kings David and Solomon,
    were the husbands of
    more than one wife.

    Almost all of our Old Testament Heroes of the Faith, from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to Kings David and Solomon, were the husbands of more than one wife, and sometimes numerous concubines. (A concubine is a slave that the master married; she did not have the full legal rights of a free born wife.) King David, whose poetry and songs we celebrate in the Book of Psalms enjoyed the company of at least eight wives whose name we know; Michal, Ahinoam, Abigail, Maacah, Haggith, Abital, Eglah, Bathsheba, and probably more, as well as numerous concubines.

    These godly polygamist men did not have to use their imagination, a magazine, or turn to the then non-existent internet for stimulation of different kinds. Big Love, Polygamy. All they needed to do is decide if they wanted a red head, blond or brunet tonight. Were they inclined to be with their super slim wife, or one with a bit more substance? They knew which one was great at sensual hand jobs, who gave the best oral caress, and who was more adventuresome regarding sexual positions. Which one was most orgasmic, and which best for a quickie and not really looking for anything in return? Such was the life of the ancient polygamist. Such was the intimate life of some of the greatest men of faith this world has ever seen. I have no doubt that King David found the sensual Bathsheba different in bed than the dynamic and resourceful Abigail. And if one woman was “indisposed” or “not in the mood” no need to plead for sex and overcome her reluctance. There was always someone ready, willing, and more than able. Sexual frustration and boredom was not a problem.

    And the wives did not object. Polygamy was approved by God and was the social norm in a culture not familiar with the relatively recent concept of the “one man-one woman”' scenario.

    Men Are Not Naturally Monogamous

    Truth be told, men are not naturally monogamous. Most women are, but it is not in the nature of a man to have only one sexual partner. For women, sex is closely connected to relationship, and security. For men it is more desire driven and governed by a thirst for pleasure. And for both there is a need for sex to be enjoyed within the context of marriage. That is just the way God made us. So polygamy is a standard Old Testament practiced. The rich could afford more wives, and thus their seed was distributed further than that of the poor, thus elevating society to a higher level of achievement. And the New Testament only forbids church leaders from being the husband of more than one wife.

    1 Timothy 3:2 (NASB) An overseer, then, must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, temperate, prudent, respectable, hospitable, able to teach,

    1 Timothy 3:12 (NASB) Deacons must be husbands of only one wife, and good managers of their children and their own households.

    Titus 1:5 - 6 (NASB) For this reason I left you in Crete, that you would set in order what remains and appoint elders in every city as I directed you, 6 namely, if any man is above reproach, the husband of one wife, having children who believe, not accused of dissipation or rebellion.

    In no way am I advocating for present day polygamy. I am just saying you cannot make a solid Biblical arguement against it. However, whether you are ethically or ideologically for or against plural marrieage, we do have the law to obey these days. And, I would think, the principles of self-preservation. (In my humble opinion one woman is more than enough for any man!) Thus, in our time, nudity and erotica serve as a perfectly legitimate alternative to the polygamy of old.

    Legitimate Choices

    Thank God we do have legitimate choices. Is your wife not disposed to join you in an erotic adventure this evening? No problem. There are alternatives. Do you want to enjoy a slim red head tonight? Sure thing! How about a more mature woman? No problem. And when fully stimulated you need not suffice with just the friction of your hand pumping you away to orgasm. You can choose from any number of interesting Fleshlights, Tenga Eggs, and other soft strokers now available; a veritable cornucopia of sensual delights. Men are blessed and (hopefully), seeing as men often want more sexual frequency than their wives would naturally choose, women are relieved.



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