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    If I show you the naked human body, I am not showing you something sinful and shameful, slutty or satanic; I am showing you the Image of God. If I show you sensuality and sexuality, I am not showing you something sinful and sordid; I am showing you that which is sacred.

    Bride of Christ. Our bodies reveal aspects of God we can see no other way. Our sexuality reveals our intimate relationship with God we can see no other way. It is God Himself who said we are made in His Image. And it is He who said our sexuality and sexual relationships reveal the most intimate and intense relationship with Him possible. He said we are the Bride of Christ.

    A Bride is one with whom you anticipate total union, and exquisite pleasure during that act of ultimate intimacy. Coitus and other sexual activities are a natural expression of a spiritual reality; again no, this is not sinful, sordid, slutty or a thing of shame. This is a picture of God and man, and the ultimate eternal romance. This is beauty most divine. So we can enjoy the magnificent beauty of nudity and erotica just for its own sake and our person pleasure, and we can also enjoy them as the perfect picture of that which is the core theme of the universe, the union of God and humankind.

    Beauty Will Save the World

    This beauty
    will save the world
    because like no other
    it most fully points
    the human heart to God.

    Beauty is the ultimate expression of the nature of God. Beauty is essential for our survival. And there is no more perfect expression of the Beauty of God than the naked body of a woman or a man. We are made in His image. There is no more beautiful act than that of the sex union of these beautiful bodies. The act of solo masturbation and ejaculation, and the acts of spousal oral sex, manual stimulation of each other, kissing, fondling, and intercourse with one’s spouse are the most beautiful things we can do! Such beauty expresses the character of the Creator in ways more complete than any other; more completely than the most magnificent hymn, or the most inspired homily, or the most stately cathedral. I am Beautiful,
Inside and Out. This beauty will save the world because like no other it most fully points the human heart to God. Capturing such beauty in art – sketches, painting, and sculpture – is glorious; doing so in print and on film even more so. This kind of beauty does not defile our spirits and destroy our soul, not even when it moves us sexually; it reveals the true nature of our God, showing us sacred mysteries, and bringing us closer to and into more full intimacy with the Almighty. We experience that intimacy both when alone with God, and in fellowship with others. And these times of intimacy with God are perfectly pictured in our sexual activities, both spousal and solo.

    In the pages that follow I will show you the graphic beauty of God's gift of sexuality as men and women kiss, caress, manually and orally stimulate each other both as foreplay and to fulfillment, make love and enjoy orgasm. These are sacred images of holy activity. Enjoy with reverence, and awe.



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