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    I see masturbation as a picture of personal prayer, done in solitude. Coitus is a picture of public worship and corporate prayer, done in union with others. Each has its place. And there is great pleasure and passion and purity and power and effectiveness in public worship, but there is also great pleasure and fulfillment in our solitary times with God in communion with Him in prayer and the Word. We can also experience His Presence while enjoying intimate time with our spouse, or while prayerfully enjoying His gift of our private pleasuring.

    His Purpose for Your Penis

    It does not please
    or glorify God
    when we refrain
    from solo sex
    any more than it does
    if we refrain from spousal sex.

    It does not please or glorify God when we refrain from solo sex any more than it does if we refrain from spousal sex. In fact, to reject the joy and beauty and legitimacy of masturbation is as sad as rejecting the act of making love in marriage. To call sinful what God calls good shows a sad lack of understanding of His nature, character, and generosity. And it can be devaluing the blessing of God by calling his good gifts bad! He made our bodies for regular sexual activity. He made us masturbators. It is a gift freely given which He wants us to freely enjoy! When we masturbate our bodies experience delight, our emotions are refreshed, and our God is well pleased. His purpose for our penis is being fulfilled. So enjoy.

    I find the comparison of our times alone with God and our times of private sexual pleasure both remarkable and profound.

    Like personal prayer, masturbation ministers to us personally. Like corporate worship, in spousal union we minister to each other. Both are ordained of God. Both are beautiful. Each has its purpose; each has its place.

    Just as in masturbation we enjoy the pleasures and release of our own sexuality, as we fondle, stroke, and bring ourselves to God blessed excitement and ejaculation, so in personal prayer we enjoy the delights of our own intimate walk with God. We speak to Him, sing to Him, worship Him, and enjoy His Word. In spousal lovemaking and intercourse we fondle, touch, stroke, excite and become one with another in exquisite pleasure. In corporate worship and prayer we sing together, fellowship, and together partake of the table of the Lord and delights of His Presence.

    Private devotions keep us going and prepare us to worship and minister publically. Masturbation keeps us sexually content between times of spousal delight.

    Private devotions enable us to hear the voice of God and better share what He is saying corporately. Solo sex helps us better know our own bodies and function more enjoyably with our spouse.

    If one can possibly help it no Christian should depend on their corporate times of worship to fully meet their spiritual needs. And no married person, especially male, need rely totally on their spouse to meet all their sensual and sexual needs. Conversely speaking, no Christian should rely totally on and be so involved with his own prayer life to the neglect of the body. And no married masturbator should focus on and minister to his own sexual needs to the neglect of time with their spouse. Each expression has its own place, and its own value. Each is a gift from God to be legitimately enjoyed. Neither is to be neglected.



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