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    Beautiful Faces.

    The ultimate joy in a woman is to have a pleasant personality, a cooperative attitude, a nice figure, and a pretty face. Sad to say the combination of all four is not always present.

    We men have a closely guarded secret within our testosterone fraternity. The secret is we like to look at woman. Well, not so much of a secret perhaps, but few females realize just how much, how often, and how democratic we are in this desire. We will look at any woman we find pleasing to the eye. As Christians we do not have sinful designs when we cast a lingering appreciative view, but look we do, frequently.

    Face and Figure

    Sometimes in a store or another public place we will catch sight of what looks to be a beautiful creature roaming the isles. And often we will linger next to the cereal just a bit longer than we would have otherwise. And if all we have seen is an appealing side or back view, we will maneuver ourselves, going around the isle to catch a better view, and with one question in mind. No, we don’t want to know if the “carpet matches the curtains” (well, we do, but discovering that in a grocery store is highly unlikely.) No, we want to know is if the face is as fantastic as the figure. Is the complete package as beautiful as the bit we have seen?

    An episode of Friends explored this, with the guys going around the next isle to check it out, and coming face to face with disappointment and saying a loud inner “ewwww!”

    For me, a nice figure alone just will not cut it. I need both face and figure to be fantastic. The faces on this page are superb.

    Beautiful Faces Gallery

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    Beautiful Faces.

    Beautiful Faces.

    Beautiful Faces.

    Beautiful Faces.

    Beautiful Faces.

    Beautiful Faces.
Hyun Yi Lee.

    Beautiful Faces.
Iveta Vale.

    Beautiful Faces.
Joely Richardson.

    Beautiful Faces.
Olivia Wilde.

    Beautiful Faces.
Audrey Hepburn, 1956 and 1988.

    Beautiful Faces.



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Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.



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