• Buxom Babes

    Buxom Babes.

    Simply put, lovely ladies with big boobs - big, beautiful, bouncy, bodacious breasts. For a lot of men, this is the first thing they notice, the size of a ladies boobs, and for them the bigger the better. They are definitely enamored of a bust size where the “cup runneth over” and for them it is a total joy. They will totally enjoy the delights displayed on this page. More power to them!

    Barbie Doll Enhanced Figures

    And it seems women are more than willing to appeal to those with a hankering for more. The breast enlargement/enhancement industry is booming, much to the bewilderment of some of us. The Barbie Doll figure of big breasts on tall, slender figures seems to have an unusual appeal. Interestingly, that combination on a figure is almost never happens naturally.

    For some of us, big beautiful and full of bounce just does not do it. We like a handful and no more.

    What causes us to be wired the way we are? I am sure I do not know.

    Buxom Babes Gallery

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    Buxom Babes.

    Buxom Babes.

    Buxom Babes.

    Buxom Babes.

    Buxom Babes.

    Buxom Babes.

    Buxom Babes.

    Buxom Babes.

    Buxom Babes.

    Buxom Babes.



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Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.



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