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    I confess that one aspect of female beauty I greatly enjoy is that Celebrity Nudes.
Jennifer Aniston Nude. of public persons who have shared their private beauty with us; celebrities and movie stars who have posed or appeared nude in film. I admire their courage, and savor their beauty. In them I see the beauty of face, as well as curve of breast and behind. It is a feast for the senses of the very best kind.

    And other times they have either posed nude, or almost so, or worn fashions that delight us by revealing more than they conceal. Sheer fabrics and low cut dresses can add much to the presentation of the prime of human beauty.

    Sinful? Nah . . .

    Yes, I know there are Christians who regard any such enjoyment as sinful, but their concern is misguided by an unfortunate misunderstanding of the Word of God, and denial of the wonder and splendor of male human sexuality. We are wired to visually enjoy the pleasure of the female form, and so we should. So I am presenting here a gallery of very public faces who have shared with us the simple splendor of their “private places.” Savor, enjoy, and thank God for the delight of being human, and the joy of being male.

    Celebrity Nudes Gallery

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    Celebrity Nudes.
Helen Hunt Nude.

    Celebrity Nudes.
Gweneth Paltrow Nude.

    Celebrity Nudes.
Emily Mortimer Nude in Lovely and Amazing.

    Celebrity Nudes.
Kelly Preston Nude.

    Celebrity Nudes.
Robin Tunney Nude.

    Celebrity Nudes.
Kyra Sedgwick Nude.

    Celebrity Nudes.
Chloe Sevigny Nude.

    Celebrity Nudes.
Sandra Oh Nude.

    Celebrity Nudes.
Kara Dioguardis Nude.

    Celebrity Nudes.
Eva Mendes Nude.




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Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.



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