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    One could say that they are bold, they are brave, and they are brazen. However you describe them they somehow manage to wear clothing that few other women would dare, clothing that has a V neckline so low that it approaches and sometimes reaches their bellybutton, exposing most of their breasts for us all to see.

    And see we do, gentle curves that, when in motion, sway and bounce ever so enticingly. Mounds of visual joy barely covered by fragile fabric; one wonders how they are in place at all - a sight that causes breast lovers everywhere to rejoice in pure delight. A vision of loveliness that, when actually in their presence makes it hard to not stare directly, an inclination to which one can gladly surrender when viewing them online. So look, my friend, look and enjoy.

    There are even times when cleavage makes the news. The ever bodacious Katy Perry wore an outfit with breast exposing cleavage on a segment with the Muppets, a segment that showed Elmo with his mouth wide open. Whether in delight or dismay we will never know. That segment never aired.

    Here is Katy Perrys and many other's cleavage presented for your unrestrained visual pleasure.

    Cleavage Gallery

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    Gwyneth Platrow, Cleavage.


    Katy Perry on the Muppets, Cleavage.

    Katy Perry, Cleavage.

    Ashley Olsen, Cleavage.


    Paris Hilton, Cleavage.






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Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.



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