• Fantasy Females

    Fantasy Females.

    Boys will be boys, and geeks will be geeks. It seems that the guys of the “Big Bang Theory” and other like them enjoy fantasying about more than Princess Leia; they also enjoy the well endowed and super sexual characters found in graphic novels and other medium.

    Mind you, this is not new. Their fathers enjoyed the Vargas Girls found in Playboy. Imagine how many private moments of exquisite pleasure these sketches generated. So this “artistic” medium has been around for a long, long time.

    Create to Your Heart's Content

    You enjoy big boobs? Create big boobs, or small if that be your preference. Love long legs in fishnet stockings, or a beautiful round bum covered in hot pants make of stretchy translucent fabric? Go ahead; create to your heart’s content. Make her as you will, enjoy her as you wish.

    And what pleasures you enjoy with her in your personal and private fantasy world could be of no concern to even the most suspicious “lust hunter”. You want to kiss her from head to toe, sucking gently on her nipples on the way down to her “secret garden”? You would like to touch her and caress every inch of her perfect body, feeling the stir in your loins as you do? Go ahead. After all, even if you are imagining sex with her, she is only the product of your imagination. You are coveting no man’s wife. So you may as well enjoy.

    And maybe all you want is to enjoy the view.

    Fantasy Females Gallery

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    Fantasy Females.

    Fantasy Females.

    Fantasy Females.

    Fantasy Females.

    Fantasy Females.

    Fantasy Females.

    Fantasy Females.

    Fantasy Females.

    Fantasy Females.

    Fantasy Females.



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Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.



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