• Female - The Best for Last

    It has been said, “God leaves the best for last.” That being true the very last thing He did in creation was use his own hand to form the body of a woman. Man, Adam, was the next to last.


    There are three things I most like when I look at God’s marvelous handiwork and creativity in the female form; I like her breasts,


    I like her behind,


    I like her bush;


    no, make that four things.

    I like to look in her face and see her beauty.

    Beautiful Face.

    God looked at his creation of male and female, in their natural naked and most beautiful and undefiled state, and declared it to be “good.” I also like to look, and I am not ashamed of doing so. I look at them, male and female, in their natural naked and undefiled state, and I too say, “It is good. Very good!” Especially that of the very last thing to which He put His creative touch, the form of a female.

    As with any artist,
    the more I view His finest work,
    the more I see and
    understand His person.

    I like to look at breasts, behind, bush and most of all, the beauty of an unspoiled face. I like to see them in sketches, paintings, sculpture, photography, and in person. I drink in the splendor of it all and in seeing what I see I see the heart of my Creator God. As with any artist, the more I view His finest work, the more I see and understand His person. This revelation cannot help but bring me closer to Him, cause me to love Him more and serve Him better. When I see a naked female I am drawn closer to He who created such splendor and beauty.

    And to think that some believe that to savor and drink in such splendid beauty, to feel the emotion and delight it stirs in my spirit, my emotions, and even in my body, is somehow a hindrance to my walk with God and my communion with Him is, well, simply sad, and shortsighted.

    What if seeing a nude female stirs not just my spirit, and my soul, but also stirs my sexuality? Lovely to be a Woman. Well, what if it does? The stirring of my sexuality, which happens in all of life and in all that I see and hear and smell . . . is not sinful, is not debased, is not part of my unredeemed nature, it is simply a natural, healthy, God blessed part of being a redeemed, fully alive human being. It certainly is not “lust.” To lust means that I crave and actively want and intend to have that which it is not legitimate for me to have. It is the ultimate expression of coveting. I am not coveting the breast, behind, bush, and beauty I see. I am merely savoring the glory of God’s handiwork. I am feeling the full response in the totality of my being. And all of this is good, very good.

    And because I do not fear my own sexual stirrings, and do not consider them sin, I have no fear of the attractive females in my life, or of my own enjoyment of them. As the saying goes, “It’s all good!”



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Feedback welcomed and appreciated.


Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.



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