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  • Ladies and Lace

    Ladies and Lace.

    What is it about ladies and lace? Whether in underwear, lingerie, or outerwear lace seems to perfectly accentuate the delicate beauty and fragility of a woman, sometimes showing just enough to be enticing yet concealing enough to make us want to unwrap the pretty packaging and discover more. Put lace on a beautiful young singer with a pretty smile and she can steal our hearts with her grace and her charm.

    In a sometimes rough and tough world it is wonderful to see a woman looking every inch a woman in something trimmed in lace. Lace depicts old fashioned femininity, and what man doesn’t like a little bit of that now and again. In fact, there is a theme running through Scripture teaching us that woman should look and dress like woman, and men like men. If a woman ever looked like a woman and very much not like a man, it is when she is wearing lace.

    Delightfully, lace can allow a woman to look both innocent and alluring at the same time.

    Ladies and Lace Gallery

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    Ladies and Lace.

    Ladies and Lace.

    Ladies and Lace.

    Ladies and Lace.

    Ladies and Lace.

    Ladies and Lace.

    Ladies and Lace.

    Ladies and Lace.

    Ladies and Lace.

    Ladies and Lace.



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Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.



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