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  • Looking is Not Lust

    Looking is not Lust.
Men Enjoying the View.

    We can look at the form of the fair sex either as pure like God intended, or as defiled as Satan has perverted it. The choice is ours. God could have formed woman in any way He chose. He did not have to make her physically beautiful, but He did. He did not have to make the female delightful to look at, both coming and going, but He did. He chose to give her an attractive face, and just below that attractive face He placed her delightful breasts, right there, for all to see their marvelous from, whether naked or covered, supported by a bra or floating free. He put them in a very obvious place and even made them move as she moves. He could have done it differently, but he did not.

    He did not have to give her a shapely behind, but He did. There it is, as she walks away, right in the middle of her curvaceous form, gently undulating as she moves gracefully along, two sides in glorious harmony. Lovely to look at for a moment; lovely to look at for a moment or more. He could have done it differently, but he did not.

    God’s Gift

    And He gave men the instinct to look, respond, and appreciate the beauty of His marvelous handiwork. He could have made us like most of the animals, with the urge to merge hitting us only at certain seasons of the year. He could have, but He did not. Instead, he placed within man a continual urge, and with that urge the sweet joy of savoring a long, lingering look. And He gave us the ability to look and not lust; to simply look and enjoy. Enjoy without wanting to use inappropriately, or covet for ourselves. Just simply look, enjoy the view, and feel the sweet pleasure of our own response.

    He gave men
    the instinct to look,
    respond, and appreciate
    the beauty of
    His marvelous handiwork.

    Yes, He could have done it differently, but He did not. And the way He did it is oh so very good, and good for us. He did it this way not to continually test us to see if we would “lust” or not, but to simply give us something beautiful to look upon. And in looking to feel fully human, and delightfully vigorously male.

    When it is legitimate, when we find the “one” that God has prepared for us, then we get the privilege of not just looking, but touching, holding, stroking, kissing, licking, sucking, and ultimately becoming one with in body, soul, and spirit. We get to enjoy the beauty of breast and behind in ways that are far beyond the visual, and to even savor the intimate delights of her “secret garden.” Then we get to use our physical response in ways that give pleasure and delight to both admired and admirer.

    But, come on; let’s be honest; just because we have found “the one” doesn’t mean we no longer notice the rest, or that noticing the rest is in any way defiled, sinful, or wrong.

    The Devil’s Lies

    But sometimes we buy into the Devil’s lies concerning women. The Devil and depraved men do not present women as beautiful, a sensual delight to the eyes, with breast, succulent bottom, and delightful other parts. No, the enemy of our souls presents women as tits, and ass, and her “secret garden” in terms I choose not to mention here. She is not a beauty to be viewed and valued, but a collection of body parts to be drooled over and “done” if the chance arises. “Hey, give me a chance and I’d sure like to ‘tap’ that thing.” There is no simply enjoying the delightful view, savoring the sublime sight, rather there is the inclination to immediately want to grab, squeeze, and “screw.” There is no looking with joy and appreciation, there is simply the compulsion to look and let one’s mind immediately go to conquering, taking, and using. A godly man can look, and even feel stimulated, and do so in a righteous way. The ungodly man looks, gets excited and wants to respond like an animal and have “Forbidden, Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.” (You do the acronym.)

    The Devil’s lie to society is that women are to be used. They are merely a collection of body parts with which we can entertain ourselves. They are just the objects of lust, which is the intent of the heart to take what is not legitimately ours and use in ungodly ways.

    The Devil’s Lie to the Christian Man

    The Devil’s lie to the church, and to Christian men, is that if you look and like and feel stirred in your emotions or in you hormones, you are at the same level as the ungodly. The enemy says that to look and enjoy the view is somehow debased and an act of lust, especially if we feel stirred below the belt.

    To look is not lust.
    And even to look at
    and enjoy seeing
    the naked form of a female
    is not lust.

    But this is simply not true. To look is not lust. And even to look at and enjoy seeing the naked form of a female is not lust. The accuser of our souls has sold us a lie. That lie says that “nude is lewd.” And this simply is not so. Yes, some nudes many be presented in a way that is lewd, but simple nudity, in itself, is not lewd.

    Looking is not lust and nude is not lewd, and to look at nudes is not leering. It is simply enjoying an unhindered view of God’s greatest handiwork. He made pretty faces nice to look at, and breasts and behinds, and even bush, beautiful to behold.

    The enemy even says, you will not be able to look, appreciate, and leave it there. Every man alive will look and if he keeps looking, he will eventually fall into lust. He will want to add intent to his enjoyment and thus fall into sin.

    This lie is the usual “all or nothing” approach. It is declared by the both the Devil, and by the Church. The Devil says that any look is lust. The church says any look that is lingering is sinful or can become sinful. Both impose on man a diminished view of himself, and a degrading view of female beauty.

    And both the Church and the Devil impose the same solution. Don’t look, you vile thing. But we do look. And the devil gets what he wants, Christian men with a so-called “struggle,” always feeling guilty, feeling sinful simply because they are male.

    Yes, I Do Look

    Yes, I do look. But contrary to the lies of the enemy I do not have to let my look go beyond that which is appropriate. And I do not have to let a long lingering look go beyond that which is good and godly. Contrary to the lie Satan has sold the church, I am not an unregenerate animal. I am one of the redeemed, and I can look at a young woman in all her naked glory, I can take a long lingering look, and not lust, not have any unholy intent whatsoever. I can, and praise be to God, I do.



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Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.



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