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    There are few articles of clothing worn so briefly but with such a profound joyous effect Luxurious Lingerie. as those little nothings known as lingerie. Whole clothing stores and complete franchises are dedicated solely to their marketing. Bras that present the breasts like innocent puppies just waiting to be caressed. Panties begging to be explored, to be touched, covering bottoms that crave cupping, and fabrics more fun than functional. This is clearly not sleep-ware but adult play-clothes.

    Delightful Anticipation

    Yes, I have seen and enjoyed the view of professional models with flawless makeup and near perfect bodies presented for my erotic enjoyment, clothed in the most exciting attired possible. But more to my liking are the candid pictures of a young lady who, fresh from her bath, has slipped into something more “comfortable” (as if they really are, or that was their purpose), and with sexual intimacy very much on her mind, presents all her wares provocatively packaged in such as way to stir strong desire, passionate advances, and strong excitement on the part of her spouse. These imperfect but delightful pictures of these pure moments of anticipation between husband and wife cannot help but make one smile, and then vicariously experience at least a measure of the delight a man experiences when his wife has taken the time to present herself with such shame free abandon. When you think lingerie you think lovemaking, and what a happy holy thought.

    Holy Garments

    And here is another interesting thought. If the marital bedroom is the Holy of Holies of the home (and it is), and the Old Testament priests wore holy garments to come before the Lord in the Holy of Holies (and they did), it stands to reason that the lovely lingerie worn by a wife as she presents herself to her husband are more more than just flirty little nothings, they are holy garments set apart for a sanctified purpose.

    Praise be to God!

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Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.



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