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    You see it mentioned on the front pages of Cosmopolitan Magazine, discussed on Bethenny, and revealed in multiple forms in 50 Shades of Grey (or so I am told). What is this thing of great wonder and joy? It is the female orgasm. There was a time when only loose women were thought to be sexually responsive, but we are blessed to live in a day where knowledge of sexual anatomy and functioning is at an all time high and women expect to receive great pleasure both from their spouse, and solo. And so they should.


    A woman at the moment of orgasm is a marvelous work and a wonder. It can take a bit of sexual stimulation to get her there, but once she has arrived at the Promised Land of Sexual Pleasure, the destination proves to be well worth the journey. The look of ecstasy and utter abandon to the pleasure of the moment is not staged, or exaggerated. This is exactly what it looks like. I think every husband should from time to time look directly at his beloved’s face at her moment of climax; it is an amazing sight to behold.

    And joy of all joys for the wife, once is rarely enough. A properly aroused and stimulated wife, once having hit the peak of pleasure, can often ascend to the heights time and time again. In the hands of a competent and patient lover most women are definitely multi-orgasmic. A man will most often climax once during lovemaking; his wife can cum multiple times. That is why a sensible man will cum last - doing everything he can to make sure his wife is fully satisfied before climaxing himself. Once satisfied a woman may not want sex for several days. Until then it is quickies for the man, hand jobs, blow jobs (if the man is really blessed!), or solitary masturbation.


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