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    Nude Plus Sized Ladies.
Lizzi Miller.

    Some men are very attracted to Plus Sized Ladies. That is who they want to date, and it is who they dream of marrying. The ladies on this page are the ones for whom they good a Google search when they want to enjoy female nudity and some private time with their own desires. This is what turns their crank.

    Others find themselves married for a number of years and their wives have had a child or two. She gained weight during the first pregnancy and didn’t lose it all. She gained more with the second and with the stress of life and the busyness of raising children, she settled into the life of a larger woman. And in some cases the whole church has a “fat culture”, where more people are heavy than are thin and it is just the way things are.

    Choice, or Circumstance, or Culture

    Whether by choice, or circumstance, or culture, and whether it be a long term or temporary situation, it is good to know that plus sized women are now and have always been sexually available to their husbands and very attractive to more than a few men. Although I confess that my natural preference is for smaller woman I will also say give me a pleasant plus sized woman compared to a skinny bitch any day. Attitude and availability is more important than thin appearance. And, for the most part down through history, women have never been rail thin.

    So, if you are married to a woman with whom there is “lots to love”, be sure and love her lots. A good woman is worth her weight in gold. Treasure her as the wonderful gift God has given you, and enjoy your intimate times together to the full.

    Plus Sized Ladies Gallery

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    Nude Plus Sized Ladies.

    Nude Plus Sized Ladies.

    Nude Plus Sized Ladies.

    Nude Plus Sized Ladies.

    Nude Plus Sized Ladies.
Christa Meola.

    Nude Plus Sized Ladies.

    Nude Plus Sized Ladies.

    Nude Plus Sized Ladies.

    Nude Plus Sized Ladies.

    Nude Plus Sized Ladies.



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And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.



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