• Pretty Panties

    Pretty Panties.

    Ok, so perhaps I have a fetish. If I do, at least it is rather harmless and relatively easy to satisfy.

    I would, for the most part, rather see a pretty lady wearing panties than to see her fully nude. And these days the panties can be just so very pretty, delicate little things that accentuate some of the best parts of a female figure.


    Ah, perhaps I should clarify the “fetish” thing. No, I don’t have an urge to raid panties from any of the neighbor’s clotheslines. And I am not like those Japanese men who buy worn panties from vending machines on their way home from work. (Can you imagine!?) No, I simply enjoy the sight of a woman wearing panties. Perhaps it is more accurately described as a proclivity? Whatever; I think panties are pretty.

    Panties, not Bloomers

    Now, I must confess that I really am not talking about your mother’s bloomers; perhaps there are some for whom those are an esthetic delight and a libido turn on. I am sure there are. Well, that is not me. And the “string up the butt” micro thong usually does not do it for me either, unless it is a really spectacular butt. No, I simply like pretty little things that accentuate this very special part of a woman’s anatomy.

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    Pretty Panties.

    Pretty Panties.

    Pretty Panties.

    Pretty Panties.

    Pretty Panties.

    Pretty Panties.

    Pretty Panties.

    Pretty Panties.

    Pretty Panties.

    Pretty Panties.

    Pretty Panties.

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    My Favorite

    The following is my favorite panty video. Especially the seconed pair. Enjoy!



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