• Sheer Joy, See Through

    Sheer Joy, See Through.

    Do you remember as a kid reading the ads on the back pages of comic books, the ones that offered glasses which would give you X-Ray vision. Of course these things were a novelty, and a rip-off, but they served to fuel some wonderful moments of adolescent fantasy. And who didn't want to have Superman's power to see through anything and everything. I must confess that I have always wanted to see through clothing and admire the female form beneath. Every man enjoys those moments that provide the next best thing.

    Ever sit in a room, perhaps an auditorium, and enjoy the sun streaming through the window, warming everything in its path. Suddenly, a delightful young lady walks in front of you, into the sunlight, and the bright rays illuminate her entire form and the cloth that hid the fullness of her beauty now exposes the full glory of her silhouette. Then there are other times when a woman intentionally wears something that is so translucent as to almost be transparent, and all you can do is thank God for the designer who made it, and her courage for wearing what he has created. I once worshipped with a church that met in a room with one long wall of large windows. Needless to say there were many such times I witnessed this kind of “illumination” and I can tell you those were truly moments of “sheer joy.”

    For some strange reason of male sexual wiring we sometimes find a veiled body even more enticing than one that is fully nude. Is it because it only shows the good and hides so many little flaws? Is it the tease? Perhaps it is simply the naughty sense of furtively seeing the forbidden? We are skirting society’s norms by showing or seeing more than is usually culturally acceptable? Whatever the reason, we have been blessed to see some veiled beauties.

    Our modern females are not exactly dancing Salome’s Dance of the Seven Veils, but I am sure the fabric, the fascination, and the effect is much the same. Enjoy!

    Sheer Joy Gallery

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    Sheer Joy, See Through.
Tyra Banks, See Through, No Bra.

    Sheer Joy, See Through.

    Sheer Joy, See Through.

    Sheer Joy, See Through.

    Sheer Joy, See Through.

    Sheer Joy, See Through.

    Sheer Joy, See Through.

    Sheer Joy, See Through.

    Sheer Joy, See Through.

    Sheer Joy, See Through.



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Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.



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