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    Side Boob, SideBoob.

    A nicely formed breast from any angle is a “thing of beauty and a joy to behold.” And to catch more of one than the lady expected you to see, and from an unexpected angle . . . that just adds to the voyeuristic thrill. I confess I have not seen as many Side Boobs in real life. I guess I have not been around enough women who wear the loose sleeveless attire necessary for such a pleasure, but what I have seen I certainly enjoyed.

    And what I see captured in picture definitely brings a smile to my face. Not only is there the thrill of the unexpected, but we must admit it is a nice angle from which to see a pleasantly formed breast. Does not the lovely picture to the right of this text cause you to wonder at such beauty? And of course with the multiplicity of picture taking devices in play today, the incidence of such captured loveliness is much higher than ever before.

    I am sure the Lord smiles when we do at such a sight, seeing as He is the one who designed and created the magnificence and, as any artist, He is glad when we appreciate His work.

    Side Boob Gallery

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    Side Boob, SideBoob.

    Side Boob, 
Heidi Klum, SideBoob.

    Side Boob.
Lindsay Lohan, SideBoob.

    Side Boob, SideBoob.

    Side Boob.
Mariah Carey, SideBoob.

    Side Boob.
Angelina Jolie, SideBoob.

    Side Boob.
Anne Hathaway, SideBoob.

    Side Boob.
Rhona Mitra, SideBoob.

    Side Boob, SideBoob.

    Side Boob.
Victoria Silvsted, SideBoob.



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Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.



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