• Underwear

    Woman in Underwear.

    Bra and panties; women have not always worn them, and in some non-western cultures they still don’t. But when they do, oh what a sweet delight it is to see a beautiful lady showing those wonderful garments that support, cover, and enhance those lovely areas of female form, giving even more excellent shape to tops, shirts, dressed, and pants.

    Admiration, and Libido

    She is either putting something on after awaking, or taking something off before bath or bed. Either way, the look of those lovely under things not only inspired admiration, but sometimes libido as well. In fact, during lovemaking it can be a sensual delight to have a lacy bra or frilly and patterned panties as a form of lingerie. Especially if the bra is a pushup, or the pasties are especially transparent or patterned.

    Sears Catalogue

    In fact, for many men, their earliest memories of exploring and discovering their own sexuality began with the underwear models in the Sears catalogue, especially the Christmas edition. Lovely ladies in pretty little things - just what a young man needed to spark many an enjoyable private moment.

    So here they are; either getting ready for something, or simply getting ready for whatever end of the day ritual they enjoy. And you get to enjoy them in the little nothings that give form and shape to the clothes in which they both work and play.

    Underwear Gallery

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    Woman in Underwear.

    Woman in Underwear.

    Woman in Underwear.

    Woman in Underwear.

    Woman in Underwear.

    Woman in Underwear.

    Woman in Underwear.

    Woman in Underwear.

    Woman in Underwear.

    Woman in Underwear.



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Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.



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