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    Every once in a while it happens. A pretty lady sits across from you in a meeting. She shifts her position, goes to cross her legs, and before you know it you have had a glance and you know exactly what color of panties she has on. It is a brief moment of erotic delight, especially if, like me, you have a particular fondness for panties. In fact, those few times when I have had an upskirt peek, not only has she shifted her position, I have had to as well, to conceal my growing excitement. A small price to pay I think for such a moment of pleasure.

    Or you are climbing a hill or riding an escalator behind a young woman in a particularly short skirt. Someone bends over in front of you and does so from the waist. Little glorious glimpses of unintended yet quite pleasant exposure.

    Famous Upskirt Moments

    And perhaps the most famous of all upskirts was in the movie Basic Instinct where Sharon Stone slowly crossed her legs letting the detective discover that the carpet did indeed match the drapes. One notorious incident happened when Margaret Trudeau, wife of the Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, was out partying with some rock stars, sans panties. And most recently the beautiful Anne Hatheway, far from shy about exposing almost full nudity in her movies, exited a car at the Les Miserables Premiere. The girl should have worn panties.

    Why is it such a pleasure? Perhaps there is also the lure of the forbidden. And I think there is a bit of a voyeur in all of us men. There is even a bit of unintended humor in the situation as well.

    The interesting thing is that for the most part we are only seeing the exact same thing we would see if we were at a beach and the woman whose panties we have seen was wearing a swim suit. Ah, but the situation is different, and herein is the naughty delight.

    Upskirts Gallery

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    University Students.

University Students.

    Katy Perry Upskirt at Smurf's Premiere.

Katy Perry.




    Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.

Sharon Stone, Basic Instinct.




    Bridal Joy!




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