• Vintage Nudes

    Vintage Nude.

    Hugh Hefner many have popularized the nude and erotic photograph of pretty ladies in 1953 and brought them within easy access for any male longing for sexual stimulation and enjoyment, but he did not invent the genre. It appears that men and women have been enjoying nudity for as long as there have been photographs, and even longer if you care to look at other forms of art. But especially photos. Imagine the effect it had on men worldwide, to have picture of exactly what a naked young woman looked like. Imagine how their personal and private sexual lives were transformed!

    Real Women

    And these were real women. Usually not as thin as the models we see today. Their beasts were real and their bush still intact. No shaved prepubescent-like pubes here - at least when they dared show pubic hair. As you may know, it took a long time before Playboy got away with it and made it socially acceptable. So here we have them, not in the poses and styles of today. The ladies of yesteryear undraped, just the way our fathers enjoyed them, during their private moment of pleasure in the basement, or garage, or other moments of safe seclusion.

    And now we can enjoy them too!

    Vintage Nude Gallery

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    Vintage Nude.

    Vintage Nude.

    Vintage Nude.

    Vintage Nude.

    Vintage Nude.

    Vintage Nude.

    Vintage Nude.

    Vintage Nude.

    Vintage Nude.

    Vintage Nude.



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Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.



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