• Simple and Sensual Nudity

    For those whose beliefs permit them to enjoy simple and even sensual nudity, I recommend the following excellent sites.



    One of the first sites I explored when I was beginning to reformulate my personal theology concerning the enjoyment of female nudity. It is not presented in a sexualized manner, merely as the pure stunning beauty of naked young women. This is a picture only site, no video, but whole sets can be downloaded in zip files.

    There is also a page of free samples, as well as an index of contributor essays praising the virtue of enjoying simple nudity, and dealing with issues and beliefs.

    Met Art

    Met Art takes the beauty of feminine nudity a step further and adds some erotic elements. It also features over 1000 movies of nude beauty.

    Simple Nudes

    Simple Nudes.

    Simple Nudes is a portal site (with free nudes!) from which you can access another 49 excellent sites featuring beautiful nude young woman. This site has a definite purpose and philosophy of Simple Nudity. "Basically it means nude art without anything much added. If the images are artistic, they are only so to a degree that does not interfere with the beauty of the model. And if the images are erotic, they are so as an undertone, not the main purpose, and they are not so to a degree that that overwhelms the experience of the beauty of the model." Enjoy!

    Kind Girls

    Kind Girls describes itself as "a clean and honest site about beautiful nude girls," with a free Photo Archive containing 93138 photos in 6587 galleries, and growing daily. From what I have seen it is exactly as described. It is also a portal with links to many good fee-based sites.

    Kind Girls takes things beyond Simple Nudes. It also shows images of sexual activity. And some of the links are to sites with erotica.


    Beautiful-Boudoir features photography that is elegant, beautiful, and sensual. It captures the human form in a unique yet classy way. It is being developed by a friend of this ministry, and the site invites your submissions.

    Free Photos of Simple and Sensual Nudity

    The good news is that there is no need to pay for simple nudes, sensual nudes, sexual nudes or any other kind of erotica, either in photo or on film. If you know where to look there is lots available, and free.

    Most of the photos I have stored in my personal collection I have gathered from free picture sharing sites, especially those on Tumblr. Tumblr has an unbelievable 150 million blogs with billions of posts, a significant number of which deal with nudity and sexuality. You have the option of joining for free but it is just as easy to access thousands of sites by doing a simple Google search. For example, I enjoy pretty women in panties. All I had to do was search for “panties, Black Tights. Tumblr” and up come a dozen or more sites. Yes some of them display more vulgarity than beauty and so do not interest me, but I only need a select few sites and there is more than enough to satisfy my curiosity and desire.

    Do you fancy something as specific as “black tights and pantyhose”? Do a Google search and before you know it you are enjoying http://blktights.tumblr.com. Away you go for a browse that just may fill your night. And there are comments sections below most pictures with links you can use to jump from site to site as your interest might desire. Right click on a picture you enjoy, save to the “Tights” file you have set up in your “Pictures” folder, and voila, easy access to visual joy. Then when you want to take pleasure in your collection, set up a slideshow, and enjoy.

    I find it easiest to go to the Archive on each site. If there is no Archive link you can access it by simply typing “archive” at the end of the sites URL. http://blktights.tumblr.com becomes http://blktights.tumblr.com/archive and I can browse page after page of the photo gallery. I click on a picture I like, and it comes up in a new window. Right click, save, close the window and I am back to the gallery and on to the next photo. I find it best to do my browsing in Chrome as it remembers the folder where I want to store my collected pictures and I don’t have to search for it again with each successive picture I download.


    YouTube - Model Society

    Model Society is one of many YouTube channels featuring nude photography. On their site they rightfully explain,

    "We are the finest Models, Photographers and Artists in the world with a passion to restore human beauty to its rightful place as a subject of fine art contemplation.

    We boldly express ourselves with vivid imagination, and revealing vulnerability. We stand before you as works of art, ready for you to embrace or reject. We share our vision to help create a world where people see themselves and each other as truly beautiful.

    Through amazing images we celebrate the flowering bloom of our youth, just as we celebrate the beautiful withering of our decline. Through the eyes of world class photographers and artists, we honor every model who joins us in this exploration, as a rare and unique work of art.

    We invite you to experience the miracle of our shared humanity with a sense of awe and profound wonder. We invite you to join us in changing the way the world experiences human beauty."

    The following video is a beautiful example of their work.


    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.