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    If a person does not want to watch real sex there is still a lot to excite, stimulate and arouse in the simulated sex found in movies over the past few decades. And there are sites devoted to “the good bits” of regular movies, bit where beasts and bush and behind are bare, and other bits where breasts and behind are fondled and caressed, and more bits where lovemaking is simulated in ways sure to arouse the most sophisticated. Some sites feature nudity, simulated sex, and more, but at least they are places where the simulated can be found.

    Mr. Skin

    Mr. Skin.

    Mr. Skin is one of any number of sites showing exactly what so many men want to see - the movie bits with our favorite celebrities and actors nude, and hopefully in lovemaking scenes. The man who owns Mr. Skin tells of his lifelong fascination with the more interesting parts of mainstream movies. He has spent his entire life “fast forwarding”, collecting, archiving, and since 1999 sharing his extensive collection online. So, pretty well anyone who at any time has appeared nude or in an onscreen sex scene is here, from Betty Page to Angelina Jolie. Enjoy!

    Nitro Video

    Nitro Video also has a wide array of videos showing the nude and sexual parts of mainstream movies. They also have quite a bit of more explicit material as well.

    Erotic 4 U

    Erotic 4 U also has many clips from mainstream movies. It also features more sexual material, as well as an extensive Member driven upload gallery.

    Celebrity Movie Archive

    Celebrity Movie Archive not only features thousands of clips, it gives still shots from each of them on which you can right click and download for free.


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Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.