• Godly Priorities

    While I clearly believe our Christian faith allows for the enjoyment of nudiity and erotica, and the masturbation is a gift from God, it is also important that we maintian proper priorities while enjoying our liberty in Christ. These priorities are two-fold:

    • Our spritual life is more important than our sexual life.
    • Spousal sex takes the preeminence over the pleasures of solo sex.

    Spiritual Life. It is important that we spend time with the Lord, daily. Our enjoyment of the physical must not interfere with that.

    Married Life. If we have a chance to make love with our spouse, that is always to be preferred over masturbating.

    Christian Lovemaking.

    Song of Solomon 2:4
    He brought me to
    the banqueting house,
    and his banner
    over me was love.

    In our increasingly sexualized and amoral world, our faith in Christ and being indwelt by the Holy Spirit governs with whom we make love, how we make love, our heart’s intent in making love, who is present when we make love, and why we make love. Even how often we make love. Christianity affects all of life, from the bedroom to the boardroom, but in the bedroom it has a profound effect and takes sex beyond being just an extremely enjoyable act of our flesh to a glorious celebration of the gift of sexuality, a way of ministering powerfully to each other, and a perfect picture of the union of Christ with His Bride. In the life of a born again, Spirit filled Believer, sex with one’s spouse is meant to be a glorious life affirming event, to be enjoyed with all of its delights of body and soul and spirit. We are privileged to enjoy shameless and spirited times of adventure and exploration, the ecstasy and explosion of pleasure known as an orgasm, and all of the delicious and delightful minutes that lead up and proceed from that climactic moment.

    Our bodies are pure and holy and this includes all of our sexual parts including but not limited to breast and butts, penis and pussy, and the full enjoyment of the same. Each and every subtle sensation that leads up to the final and explosive moments is meant to be savored with great delight, as one would enjoy a sumptuous feast (more about that later.) At least that is what the Bible says, and I happen to agree.

    Song of Solomon

    Every one of these truths are powerfully affirmed in the Song of Solomon. It is a complete and perfect study on Making Love in marriage. We look at this in vivid detail in our study on Erotica. Rather than duplicate what I have written there, I refer you to those pages. Nudity, touch, caressing, oral stimulation, the raw appreciation for the purely physical, it is all there.

    These pages on Making Love simply amplify and expand on the truths taught there. Enjoy!

    He brought me to the banqueting house,
    and his banner over me was love.
    Song of Solomon 2:4 ESV

    Let the lovemaking begin!

    God bless you.



    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.