• Inner Healing Ministries and Oral Sex
    Part 1 ~ My Letter

    Some years ago while studying the teaching materials of some rather well regarded Inner Healing ministries I was surprised to discover warnings and prohibitions concerning Oral Sex. Since I was curious as to the logic and the Biblical basis for excluding this from the repertoire of the marital bedroom, I wrote each of them a letter. And to be honest my wife was negatively affected by what we read so I had a very personal reason for my inquiry.

    Is Oral Sex Sin.

    Dear Fellow Minister,

    I am writing to each of you requesting clarification concerning some teaching that has come my way that I believe either originated with you, or has been accepted as truth and is taught through your ministry. My question is about oral sex. It is not something about which I would ordinarily be inquiring, but having been exposed to your materials it has now become an issue of concern in my marriage, and I would like to receive some help.

    We have received teaching from ministers who have been trained at Ellel Ministries. We have also viewed many videos from Elijah House (John and Paula Sandford). And we have been blessed by the ministry of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF) and their approved materials. In one way or another, the message has come through that oral sex in marriage is wrong. I have even seen it included in a list of practices to repent of and renounce when receiving ministry for inner healing and deliverance.

    I regard the marriage bed as the Holy of Holies of the marriage relationship. It is the place where my wife and I enjoy the ultimate of physical, emotional, and spiritual oneness. This is where we bring pleasure and satisfaction to each other. I believe God Himself rejoices in the joy of our lovemaking. It is the perfect and ultimate picture of our intimacy with Him, and as Spirit filled believers we are being intimate with Him in our intimacy with each other. He delights in our love making even more than we do. It is a marvellous and mysteriously holy act.

    I am going to be very open and frank with you in the rest of this letter. From the beginning of our marriage oral sex has been a part of the celebration of our union. It has been mutually enjoyable (up to now). When I have been on the receiving end, it has been merely a delightful part of foreplay. When my wife has been on the receiving end, it has been to orgasm followed immediately by intercourse during which she is multi orgasmic. It has felt like a perfectly natural thing to do.

    Now we are in a quandary.
    Is there any legitimacy to the idea
    that oral sex is sinful?
    If it is sinful, what is the biblical,
    spiritual, philosophical, and logical
    basis for the idea
    that it is wrong?

    Now we are in a quandary. Is there any legitimacy to the idea that it is sinful? If it is sinful, what is the biblical, spiritual, philosophical, and logical basis for the idea that it is wrong?

    I believe that there are three sexual things God hates: (1) promiscuity before marriage, (2) any form of perversion, and (3) prudery in marriage. I believe that in marriage we are free to express our love and bring pleasure and delight to each other in any way imaginable that is mutually agreeable and enjoyable. While there is total restriction regarding promiscuity and perversion, there is total freedom to enjoy sensual delights in marriage. Now it feels to me like my marriage bed has now been defiled. Not by sexual sin, but by the intrusion of legalism.

    If the reason for the prohibition is because homosexuals practice it, I am troubled by the idea, and for several reasons. Satan always takes what is good and perverts it. Homosexuals practice oral sex, anal sex, and manual stimulation or mutual masturbation. They do so because that is all they can do. To me their use of such things is a perversion only because it is being practised by two individuals of the same gender, not because of the acts involved. To say I cannot orally or manually stimulate my wife because homosexuals do so with their partners would also infer that I cannot kiss her, hug her, or hold her hand because that is what homosexuals do and whatever they do is forbidden in marriage.

    I would go so far as to say that the marriage bed is so holy and pure that anyone who interferes in any way with what happens there must do so with great fear and trembling. As it is the Holy of Holies of the marriage, we should be as afraid to tread there unauthorized as an ancient Israelite would have been to go into the Holy of Holies in the Old Testament Tabernacle. More than that, to bring the stench of legalism into such a holy place would be a very fearsome thing to do.

    If I am wrong it would also mean that my marriage bed has been polluted from day one. It would mean that my wife and I have been doing things that are an abomination in the eyes of God and that some of our sex life has been homosexual. These are horrible things to even consider.

    As you can see, I have some very strong feelings on this subject. If I am wrong I would like to know and understand why. Either way I would appreciate a response from you at your earliest convenience. Our intimate life feels very much up in the air at present. Your help would be appreciated.

    In Christ,

    Rev. Adam Turner


    Blowjobs Are Like Flowers For Men.


    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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