• Oral Sex in the Song of Solomon

    The Bible does not prohibit what it describes and prescribes, and it describes oral sex as normal sexual play in the marital bedroom. I will reiterate the simple Scriptural truths I shared in the section on the Song of Solomon.


    He gasps with pleasure and
    delight as she slowly takes
    her lover’s penis in her mouth,
    runs her tongue around the
    sensitive head, and engulfs as
    much of the shaft as she can.

    As an apple tree among the trees of the forest,
    so is my beloved among the young men.
    With great delight I sat in his shadow,
    and his fruit was sweet to my taste.
    He brought me to the banqueting house,
    and his banner over me was love. Song 2: 3 – 4 ESV

    This is a beautiful picture of the bride kneeling before her standing groom. He gasps with pleasure and delight as she slowly takes her lover’s penis in her mouth, runs her tongue around the sensitive head, and engulfs as much of the shaft as she can. She gives him both the physical delight of an oral caress and the visual pleasure of watching her mouth on his penis. He can feel his passion rising as her lips and tongue stimulates his excitement. He can see her wonderful body and feel the warmth, moisture, and softness of her mouth as it slides up and down his shaft. Men are very visual and watching as he was orally stimulated was pure delight. This is a woman who knows how to physically love her spouse.

    As for the apple tree the Anchor Bible says that ". . . in this context, one could hardly miss the sexual sense of the metaphor." Who does not enjoy his “apples” being played with during lovemaking!



    My beloved is mine, and I am his;
    he grazes among the lilies.
    Until the day breathes
    and the shadows flee,
    turn, my beloved, be like a gazelle
    or a young stag on cleft mountains [mountains of Bether.]
    Song of Solomon 2:16 – 17

    It takes no streach of the imagination to look at a lily and see a woman's loveliness, with labia lips and clitoris. No wonder it is used in this and other poems when describing oral stimulation.

    In another passage we read

    My beloved has gone down to his garden
    to the beds of spices,
    to graze in the gardens
    and to gather lilies.

    I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine;
    he grazes among the lilies.
    Song of Solomon 6:2 - 3

    A secular love poem of that era said,

    “My god, sweet is the drink of the wine-maid,
    Like her drink, sweet is her vulva, sweet is her drink,
    Like her lips sweet is her vulva, sweet is her drink,
    Sweet is her mixed drink, her drink.”

    In the idiom of the time not only are sexual acts described in terms of eating and drinking, it is also logical to conclude that he was using his mouth and tongue to explore and caress. Does anyone seriously think that oral stimulation/sex is of recent invention? It originated in the mind and heart of God when He designed us as sexual creatures.

    Mountains of Bether

    Mountains of Bether.

    When the Song of Solomon describes “a young stag on cleft mountains” it is referring to the cleansed and perfumed sexual parts. Moffat translates this passage as "Play like a roe or a hart on my perfumed slopes." The word slopes is descriptive of mounds, the “mountains of Bether,” or “mountains of division” through which runs a very pleasant “valley.” And in that time "stag" was slang for a man's penis, the same as we would use the word cock today.

    “He grazes among the lilies.” Another translation refers to “dark purple lilies.” Imagine these dark purple lilies located at the divided mountains.

    Let's go beyond all doubt as we see the Word of God describing the normal process whereby a husband makes his approach. "My beloved has gone down to his garden." As she lay back on the couch of love her spouse caressed her body with his hands and with romantic kissing worked his way down down to her breasts, and beyond until her reached the open lily of her sexuality. There he "grazes among the lilies," enjoying stimulating her labia and then flicking and licking her clitoris with his tongue and either bringing her to orgasm, or up to the point of climax before entering her with his erection, his "stag", to bring her over into the fullness of delight.

    This is a sumptuous feast of female genital sensuality. He was “feeding among the lilies.” Cunnilingus is a delight to both husband and wife.


    Surprise Fellatio.


    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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