• The Sanctity of Sex

    When I was a child (a preteen actually) going through puberty, the one thing I wanted most was information. Straightforward, plain, uncomplicated, clear information. I wanted to know the what to do and how to do it of sex. I was a Christian, so I did not want to actually do anything. I just had a healthy, normal desire to know.

    I want to address some
    difficult issues, and also
    share some personal perspectives
    on the sacredness of this
    most delightful gift from God
    we call sex.

    My parents, embarrassed at the idea of such a frank conversation, tried to be helpful. They gave gave me a small hardcover book entitled “The Sanctity of Sex.” I read that little book many times, from cover to cover. Unlike the many informative books available today, I found my Sanctity book totally useless. It told me sex was holy, sex was pure, sex was reserved for marriage, sex was of Divine design. It told me everything but what I really wanted to know.

    Lets Talk About Sex.

    Since you have arrived at this web site I am almost certain you know the details of human sexuality. Today almost every person is familiar with the basic mechanics - what goes where, how to use it when it gets there. You also may know that fornication, adultery, and homosexual behaviour are forbidden is scripture. Yet, with all this, you just may still have some unanswered questions.

    We are more open about sex than at any time in human history, yet there are still some topics with which many feel great discomfort. Topics that just are not referred to in polite company. When they are, especially by religious leaders, the information shared and the advice given is sometimes no more helpful than “The Sanctity of Sex” was for me. Too many of the “answers” seem too pat, too “spiritual,” and too divorced from the reality of who we are and how we may be living.

    I want to address some of these difficult issues, and also share some personal perspectives on the sacredness of this most delightful gift from God we call sex. May God richly bless you, in Jesus’ name, and grant you a sexual life that is as rich, and pure, and fulfilling as our Creator God designed it to be.

    Warning Sign.

    Warning: Please know that beyond this point there is a frank, open, and shame free look at various aspects of human sexuality. Mention is made of sexual intimacy in marriage, oral foreplay and oral sex, masturbation, eroticism, pornography, and homosexuality. If a no holds barred look at any of these topics is in your interest, I welcome you to this site and invite you to read further. If such talk makes you distinctly uncomfortable, I would suggest you go no further. It is my wish to examine and inform, not to offend.


    Sanctity of Sex.


    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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