• How to Satisfy a Woman Almost Every Time

    Frustrated woman everywhere hope that I have found the answer to their long standing problem. Men who feel like lovemaking failures hope I have found the key. The good news is . . . I have! The key to a woman’s fulfillment is that one tiny organ of her body whose only purpose is to supply sexual pleasure – her clitoris.

    Lick It Before You Stick It

    Lick It Before You Stick It.

    If my first “secret” to wonderful lovemaking is the “Slide and Glide”, my second could be called the “Lick It Before You Stick It.” When a man discovers the potential of the clitoris to being orgasmic joy and satisfaction to his wife, and the power of his tongue to fulfill that potential, we are on our way to marvellous mutual delight. This is not only the secret to orgasm, but to multiple earth shaking explosions of passion and pleasure that will leave her exhausted, but eager for more as soon as possible.

    When a wife prepares for lovemaking by enjoyed a fragrant and soothing bath, oral stimulation can become an important part of sexual foreplay. The husband who kisses and caresses his way down to his wife’s secret garden and then lovingly kisses her inner thighs, licks her labia and finally turns his attention to her clitoris has learned the skill to great ease and effectiveness in lovemaking. After all, with all of its flexibility and manoeuvring abilities, the tongue has tremendous potential to give a woman erotic pleasure and bring her to orgasm.


    If you are communicating while lovemaking she will tell you how she likes to be orally stimulated. Soft licks, “harder dear”, more pressure or less, slower, faster, “more pressure now!” Mind you, as we come to know our beloved’s bodily responses and sexual vocalizations we become more skilled at knowing what to do next. Making love to a woman is like playing a Stradivarius violin; practice makes perfect.

    It is also very effective to insert a carefully manicured middle finger in your beloved’s vagina while orally stimulating her. And if you curve your finger toward the front of her vaginal wall, to what may be her “G” spot, and stimulate it with a gently caressing, the effect can be most pleasing.

    Women Cum First

    Nice Guys Finish Last.

    Many men have discovered that giving a woman an oral orgasm first makes everything that follows so much easier. It delightedly ensures the maxim “Women Cum First”. It also means that if a man waits a few seconds after this first or even second oral orgasm before penetration, when he does enter her the next one comes very quickly, and perhaps the next, and the next. He can facilitate her orgasms with far less energy. And he does not have to exert as much self control to delay his own for as long. Five minutes of “Lick It Before You Stick It” can shorten an extended “Slide and Glide” considerably, and with very positive effect. In fact, this works so well I am sure it is what God had in mind when He created our marvellous bodies and put a woman’s main sexual organ where it could receive the most wonderful stimulation orally.

    Not Just For Foreplay

    And oral stimulation is not just for foreplay. Once a woman has climaxed once or twice during intercourse she may feel she is “done”. But there often is the potential for still more. If a man will withdraw and make another trip south, the clitoris is usually quite receptive to further gentle stimulation. She can have another orgasm, sometimes followed by another either orally or through intercourse. It is not unusual for a wife in the hands of a skillful husband to have seven or eight orgasms during lovemaking.

    There are few sweeter words than for a man to hear, “No more! I cannot take anymore!”

    If you have not tried the delightful dance of oral, vaginal, and oral again I can recommend it highly.

    My wife says a very satisfied “Amen!”

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    Nice Guys Finish Last.


    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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