• The Holy Sacrament of Marital Lovemaking

    Holy Matrimony

    A sacrament is physical object or act that provides a bridge between the temporal and the eternal. The bread and wine of the communion service are physical elements. During Communion when the minister or priest prays the prayer of over the bread and wine and they become the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, this is more than a symbol. The form and physical substance remain the same, but the spiritual reality is transformed. Once they are consecrated a miracle happens. When I receive them I experience more than the texture of the bread and the slight bite of the wine; I experience God.

    Sex is not just physical.
    It is spiritually sacramental
    because it is a physical act
    infused with the Presence of God.

    My devotional life consists of any number of things; reading God’s Word, times of prayer, reading good spiritual books (especially the classics), receiving the Sacrament of Communion, times of silence before God, and sex. Yes, I said sex. Sex is a sacrament and as such it is an important part of my walk with God. It is a physical experience with sight, sound, touch, fragrance, taste . . . and marvelous sensations of great delight. But sex is not just physical. It is spiritual as well. It is spiritual in that you become one with your spouse: body, soul and spirit. But more than that, it is spiritually sacramental because it is a physical act infused with the Presence of God.

    Marriage is a Sacrament

    A married couple, through this act of love, can experience physical delight, glorious release, and the joy of God’s Presence. They see, feel and touch a real flesh and blood body, and experience the touch of another’s hand and the enfolding of penis within warm, moist vagina, or hand, or mouth. And when they do they experience the touch of the hand of God.

    Preparations for a Holy Act

    When a married couple bathe, put on lingerie, turn down the lighting, and do whatever else they do as they anticipate sexual play, they are preparing for a holy act whether that act be intercourse, oral and/or manual stimulation to climax or as a part of foreplay, or simply masturbating together. This is just as sacred as any church service. God is delighted in both the careful preparation and completion of the holy act.


    The Old Testament priests donned consecrated clothing before performing their sacred duties in the Tabernacle or the Temple. This was appropriate to the holiness of the place and their tasks. The marriage bed has been called the Holy of Holies of the home. The intimate acts enjoyed there are pure, holy, sanctified by God and anointed by His Presence. And the intimate apparel worn to the delight of both but especially the husband is sacred holy articles of clothing. They contribute to the enjoyment. I pray you will never look at lingerie the same way again. And for those who are familiar with the consecrated liturgical vestments used in sacred celebrations in liturgical churches today, intimate lingerie is just as blessed.

    Every Act of Intercourse is Sacred

    For those of us who are sacramentalists sexual intercourse always has an element of the miraculous, and the sacred. Yet we know that sex outside of the sacred covenant of marriage is sinful, destructive, and never, ever an act of “love.” It is good to know that these things are sinful, not because of the act itself. Every act of intercourse is holy, no matter who is engaging in it. The sin is that fornicators and adulterers enter into a holy privilege dangerously, and unauthorized. The result is always deadly.

    It is amazing that when a man and a woman stand before God and enter the blood covenant of real holy matrimony, what was just a few moments ago totally life destroying now becomes a profound sacrament of grace. What a transformation. This is nothing short of a marvelous miracle.


    Marriage is a Sacrament


    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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