• A Spirit of Servanthood in Sexual Intimacy

    When both husband and wife
    are willing to do
    whatever delights the other,
    the results can be amazing.

    When it comes to sexual intimacy attitude and approach can be just as important as time spent and technique used. If we approach the marriage bed with a heart desiring to do whatever we can to bring maximum pleasure and joy to our spouse it will be amazing how much more intentional each person in the marriage bed will be, and how much more adventuresome we will become. When one person is willing to pleasure the other orally, but the other person is merely perfunctory, there is an unnecessary imbalance that can cause resentment, or at least a measure of sadness. But when both are willing to do whatever delights the other, the results can be amazing.


    Conversely speaking, a person with a servant heart will not pressure their spouse to engage in acts that are just plain unpleasant, or uncomfortable. A loving husband just might have to settle for a moderate amount of oral stimulation rather than full blown deep-throat oral sex with swallowing.

    Sexual Frequency

    A servant heart can also affect the level of sexual frequency. Sometimes a husband and wife do not require or desire an equal amount of sexual enjoyment. One might have to settle for a bit less, and make up their lack alone, through private masturbation. But how much more wonderful it is when the spouse with the lower libido willingly offers a few minutes for at least a quicky, or a hand job, or assists by getting naked and holding her husband balls or caressing any other sensitive area while he masturbates.

    Sexual servant-hood means that there are things that I do simply for the benefit and enjoyment of my spouse. I get enjoyment from giving him/her enjoyment; I am pleased in that he/she is pleased.


    Spirit of Servanthood.


    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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