• Three Things God Hates

    When it comes to sex there are three things God hates: promiscuity, perversion, and prudery. And each is as bad as the other, perhaps the last one even more so.

    Promiscuity and Perversion

    Three Things.

    Moral people have no problem understanding that all sex outside of the life-long covenant of marriage is sinful. Through promiscuity fornicators and adulterers forfeit their relationship with God to pursue and ungodly sexual relationship with another person. Perversion is expressing our sexuality in a way that displeases God and dishonors ourselves; homosexuality, bestiality, incest. They are far, far removed from the godly Biblical ideal.


    But sometimes these good Christian men and women who abhor promiscuity and perversion fail to understand just how much prudery grieves the Holy Spirit and saddens the heart of God who wants each of us to experience the full spectrum of His blessings, even in the area of sexual intimacy.

    This ungodly prudery manifests itself in various ways.

    • The lady in one church I pastored who bragged that her husband had never seen her fully naked.
    • The disgust some express over very legitimate sexual acts between husband and wife.
    • A failure to fully communicate sexual desire and preferences to one’s spouse with the sense that to do so is somehow improper.
    • The insistence that lovemaking be done only at night, under the covers, and only in bed.
    • Resistance to a spouse’s reasonable expectation for sexual intimacy more than once a week.

    So much bad is experienced by an unnecessary sense of marital prudery; so much good is missed. God expects a husband and wife to enjoy the full view of each other’s nudity. You may be shocked at a desire for sexual expression outside of the once a week missionary position in the dark and under the covers, but God isn’t. And a desire for sexual frequency and adventure is good, and glorifies God. And no mutually enjoyable sexual activity is forbidden within the exclusivity of marriage. Enjoy each other to your heart’s content.

    Prudery calls shameful
    and impure what God calls
    holy and glorious.

    I teach against the life altering dangers of promiscuity. I mention the destructive evils of perversion. And I advocate for the virtue of prudence, living carefully with an eye for the future. Those who do so will have a heart for holiness. But the main focus of this website is prudery.

    Prudery has done just as much damage, if not more. God wants us to enjoy our marital lovemaking to the full. Prudery calls shameful and impure what God calls holy and glorious. It is not a virtue and it has absolutely no place in a Christian marriage. A Christian marriage can be a free and unfettered celebration of sensuality, so enjoy!


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    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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