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    Considering just how delighted Hollywood is of the female nude, both simple and erotic, and how afraid they seem to be of those powerful few inches found in a man’s underwear, whether flaccid or erect, it is surprising that the “frightful” penis ever shows up in movies or photos of male celebrities at all. But they do, especially when the celebrity and his cock have been having some ill advised adventures, adventures they were silly enough to get caught on film. And at times when, during money hungry younger years they posed for some still shots in order to pay the rent.

    So here are a few of them, in all of their naked splendor. Enjoy!

    Celebrity Nudes Gallery

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    Celebrity Male Nudes.
David Beckham Nude.

    Celebrity Male Nudes.
David Boreanaz Nude

    Celebrity Male Nudes.
Sylvester Stallone Nude



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