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    It can be a confusing moment in a boy’s life when he wakes up and discovers his penis is hard. Or he finds out that some things make it that way. Perhaps he is yet to learn of the pleasures of the penis, but he is fast on the way to discovering that he is fully and wonderfully male; and he is on the way to becoming a man. At least physically; becoming a man in all aspects can sometimes be determined with what he does with this gift of an erection that God has given him. Use it irresponsibly and no matter what his age he falls short of the status of true manhood.

    Teen Years

    And then the teen years begin, years in which hiding these wonderful things known as erections becomes a major preoccupation. He wakes up and has to wait for a bit before greeting the day. He is in class and without any stimulation at all, or sexual thoughts, Boners. his manhood is standing at attention. He is with a pretty young lady and has to position himself such that the hardness in his pants is not pointing straight at her in a noticeable way. Such is the lot of the young man. When alone erections can be great to have. They provide the opportunity for immense pleasure. But when in society they sure can be a problem of sorts.

    But in our private moments an erection is simply a thing of beauty and a joy to have and behold. It is the handiwork of God; God’s artistry. He designed a penis to be flaccid one moment and hard a few seconds later. And each is marvelous in its own right.

    An Erection Speaks

    When a man has a hard-on, when his usually flaccid penis responds to sensual and sexual excitement and become hard and erect, that erection speaks, and it says many things.

    It says that this body is healthy enough to become sexually stimulated.

    It says that this man has responded to the sight, sound, touching or being touched of a woman. He breasts, her buttocks, her pubic hair, her vulva, her vagina. Something glorious has happened, and oh joy of joys this man has an erection.

    It says that the woman who is loved by this man, with whom this man has entered the lifelong covenant of marriage, can now experience the entrance of this man’s erection, her vagina being filled with his excitement, and her clitoris be stimulated by his movement until she experiences the ultimate pleasure of orgasm.

    It says that this man, if alone and without a mate, can now reach down and by whichever means is best at the moment, stimulate himself to orgasm.

    And when you see an erection you see the one thing necessary for the survival of the human race. Women need not be sexually excited and neither does she need to have an orgasm to produce a child. But with every human being on the planet, at some point in time a man had to have an erection, that erection had to be stimulated, and he had to ejaculate.

    An erection speaks and says, am I not beautiful, and am I not a symbol of all that is good about man?

    A Very Good Thing

    One of the saddest things to me is the self loathing that many men feel regaring their sexuality. For many, espeically the young or the unmarried, an erection is seen as a potential problem, not an invitation to God ordained pleasure. Little do they realize that not only are they fighting a losing battle, but if they do win a temporary "victory" they have battled unnecessarily and lost the potential for the pleasure with which God wanted to bless them. All because they saw as a problem that which is no problem at all, at least in God's eyes.


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