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    I am always glad to receive responses to this site, and suggestions as to the content. Even though there are 60+ pages in the Male section, most of them illustrated with nudity, and a few with erotica, there is always room for improvement. One of those improvements will be the addition of new pages featuring a topic of interest. But because I have to change the Table of Contents on all 60+ pages when I do so, it can be very time consuming and labor intensive. All new additions as of April 2017 will be listed on this page, rather than in the main menu.

    Enjoy! And please feel free to make suggestions.



    If you would prefer
    to enjoy the content of this site
    in a shorter version without the nudity and erotica,
    I invite you to visit the text edition at

    Christians, Nudity and Erotica

    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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