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    Ok, so it is a fascination of mine, one that would never be satisfied without the internet. Just what do various men look like soft and then hard? How does becoming hard effect the shape and size of their penis?

    Growers and Showers

    Some of us have “accordion” cocks. When not erect they kind of shrivel up and look very insignificant. Others seem to have a good five or six inches in length that gets rigid but not necessarily all that much longer when they get excited. For some reason I find that interesting.

    You could say there are "Growers" and there are "Showers." About 79% of us are Growers, and 21% are Showers. The Showers look much more impressive in the locker room or on a nude beach.


    And then there are the benders. A tiny bit of a bend to the left when flaccid can turn into a definite and quite fascinating curve in that direction when hard. Other times the bend is expressed upward and the hard-on curves toward the stomach and the man definitely has an arc to his equipment.

    And I suppose that each of these aspects of our anatomy is felt differently by our wife’s during moments of sexual intimacy.

    On the page linked below there are the pictures comparing men when soft, and then when they are hard.



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