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    This site is clearly about enjoying nudity and erotica. Erotica is sexual, nudity alone is not. I know that some who will feel free to enjoy the nudity on this site would feel uncomfortable viewing sexual images. Some would also feel uncomfortable seeing pictures of men with erections. But remember, not all erections are sexual. Some are simply spontaneous and happen to every man several times throughout during the day, and six or seven times at night. And even when they come from sexual stimulation, if they are not touched, or fondled, or stroked the situation remains non-erotic.

    Because of these sensitivities I assure you that you will not encounter any erection, nor any erotic or sexual image by accident. On those pages where showing an erection would be appropriate I have placed a link to a version of that page showing erections. And at the end of the Table of Contents on the right there are pages dealing with sexual topics, but the erotic images can only be accessed by clicking a clearly identified erotic link on one of these pages.

    No Big Deal

    Should you click on the links, at least the ones to pages showing erections? Good question. Consider the following. In A Manifesto on Nudity I explained, “It was His plan that we spend our lives without clothing, and do so in each other’s company. He meant for us to regularly see each other naked; that we be able to freely appreciate the full beauty of His handiwork from head to toe, and everything in between.” If we were originally meant to see each other naked all the time and men have any number of spontaneous erections per day, it would also stand to reason that in God’s economy regularly seeing men with erections would be normal. It really is no big deal.

    The Glory of a Young Man

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    Proverbs 20:29 tells us,

    "The glory of young men is their strength."

    Glory in the original Biblical language is Tiph'arah (tif-aw-raw'), meaning:

    • ornament (abstractly or concretely, literally or figuratively)
    • beauty(-iful),
    • bravery,
    • comely,
    • fair,
    • glory(-ious),
    • honour,
    • majesty.

    Strength in the original is Koach (ko'-akh) meaning:

    • to be firm;
    • vigor,
    • force,
    • capacity,
    • hardiness.

    Delighting in an Erection

    The glory of a young man is not just his firm body and physical strength, athletic prowess, and ability to work hard. The glory of a young man is also, even especially, his sexuality. One expression of it is in his genitals. It is in his penis and his capacity to have a splendid strong and firm erection with which he can give and receive great pleasure, and propagate. When a young man with an erection views himself naked in a mirror he can say with Solomon, “the glory of young men is their strength,” and know that this verse also applies to the physicality of his sexuality. Male genitals, both flaccid and aroused, are a beautiful thing, full of power and great potential for good. "I have a firm, strong erection. This is my glory, and my strength."

    Sexual Virility

    Genesis 49:3 Reuben, thou art my firstborn, my might, and the beginning of my strength, the excellency of dignity, and the excellency of power:

    Strength refers to virility and genital power, according to Gesenius's Lexicon

    • vigour,
    • generative power
    • wealth,
    • physical strength.

    When Jacob blessed his children he said to Reuben, his firstborn, that he represented his might (Korch) and the beginning of his strength, meaning sexual virility. Here we see that the two are connected, firmness, strength, and virility, or as one lexicon says, “genital power.” This word strength not only has a physical application, but a sexual one as well.

    The Splendor of an Erection

    A young man can
    lay on his bed at night,
    stimulate his penis,
    stroke his firm erection,
    bring himself to climax,
    and say of both the pleasure
    and the process,

    Jacob looked at his firstborn Reuben, in the full glory of his youthful vigor, and remembered what is was like to be a healthy, virile young man and said, “Reuben, you represent my youthful might and strength, the time when my sexuality was at its peak. Those were glorious days. My body was young, fit, firm, and strong. My sexuality was in its prime, its full bloom. When I got aroused it was a beautiful thing and I enjoyed the splendor of it all. I used that erection to pleasure my wife, your mother, to bring pleasure to myself, and to produce you my offspring - and when alone I would simply use it to bring pleasure to myself.”

    Of a young man we can truly say that at least part of his glory is his sexual prowess and the beauty of his fit firm body, including his full genitalia, especially his penis, both flaccid and erect. He can look down, remember that the word “koach” or strength means to be firm, enjoy what he has and say, “I agree with God. That is a glorious thing!” He can lay on his bed at night, stimulate his penis, stroke his firm erection, bring himself to climax, and say of both the pleasure and the process, Hallelujah!

    It was said of Moses when he died that he died in full strength. This meant that he not only had his full wits about him but also that he was still sexually active. He was still able to get an erection and enjoy sex. Now that is a glorious and beautiful thing. At least it is from God’s perspective, and man’s perspective as well (obviously).

    Wonderful Indeed

    Do you remember what it was like to be a young man in the full prime of his sexuality? At 50 or 60 or older an erection is still a wonderful thing, full of pleasurable potential. But at 20; at 20 it was glorious! There was the ease with which one got aroused, the firmness of a youthful erection, the frequency with which it happened, and the full force of its expression. Ejaculation was strong, with many spurts that went a distance. Both intercourse and masturbation were per peak experiences. Do you remember the force of a 20 year old’s climax? Wonderful indeed!

    Your Penis is not a Problem

    Every Young Mans Battle.

    The message from the Bible about our penis is a far cry from the shame filled message preached in some Christian circles demanding that young men conquer their sexuality and get so-called "victory" over their "problem" with masturbation. It is called Every Young Man"s Battle, but you read of no such emphasis or struggle in the Word of God. The Bible uses such words as glory, not shame; strength, not weakness. Yes, the Bible teaches against sex outside of marriage but that is the only restriction. To put it bluntly, jerking off is both wonderful and God ordained for pleasure and release. Let's enjoy the glory of our erections - our cock and balls - from our youth to our old age.


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