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    From the very beginning it was my vision to share both naked beauty of the male form, and well as the powerful truth of naked Scripture. The scripture artist who goes by the name of Noah Zark, preacher and shipbuilder, is a wonderful friend of this ministry. The following pictures beautifully illustrated with Scripture and other text is his generously donated handiwork.

    Noah Zark.
Naked Male.

    Noah Zark.
Naked Male.

    Noah Zark also displays his art and his theology on nudity, erotica, and sexuality on his own blog listed below. You will find it very interesting to visit. I promise you it will be well worth your while. Its focus is mostly female. Sometimes the breathtaking beauty will delightfully arouse your sexuality. Other times you will be powerfully ushered into the Presence of the Lord. Many times you will experience both.

    Some of his theology is beyond what I have embraced, but it is very good to have our beliefs challenged. It gives us a chance to reexamine our preconceptions and sometimes realign our thinking with revealed truth.

    Should you wish to correspond with the Rev. Noah Zark, his ministry email is RevNoahZark@gmail.com



    If you would prefer
    to enjoy the content of this site
    in a shorter version without the nudity and erotica,
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    Christians, Nudity and Erotica

    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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